Operation: U-Lead [EU]


Today we wore the RF uniform and allowed any troops to lead tactics for the EU event on the server Sleet! We performed several formations and tactics and recruited penguins across the island. Objective: Let everyone acquire a chance at leading a tactic!  Our Objective was met!

MAX: 45+

Avg: 42

Comment with your Discord Name and Rank if you attended

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Today we logged onto the server Marshmallow for Operation: Stamp Frenzy to have an amazing event. We helped our troops to gather stamps they needed. We had amazing formation and astonishing tactics. Objective: Collect all stamps possible!

MAX: 35+

Make sure to comment down below with your name and rank 

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Operation: SKY IS THE LIMIT [EU]

Sup Rebels

It’s me Amadeus23 with another EU post. Today we logged on the CPR server Sleet where we wore the pegasus costume and did some amazing tactics. Our objective was to wear the Pegasus costume while recruiting and ascending to new heights. Our objective was met!

 Make sure to comment with your name and rank down below if you attended!

 Max: 50+

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Comment For Promotion

Hey there RF!

 Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?

The Rebel Penguin Federation

I apologize for the somewhat sloppy writing style. I was originally just gonna post this in announcements, but I broke the 2,000 character limit, so I decided a post would be better suited.

I’ve seen a lot of comments regarding the name of the Rebel Federation and whether we should add the “P” back to the name, so I’d like to address those comments.

(Spoiler: We’re not going to.)

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Operation: Igloo Invasions [Results]

Hey there, RF!

Tonight we logged onto the server Deep Freeze to go into penguins igloos, get stamps, do tactics, and have fun! We definitely completed this objective because we helped many people get igloo stamps. It was very fun and we successfully had a great time! We were able to see many cool and unique looking igloos while performing some tactics, and moving from one to another quickly!

Comment with your name and rank if you attended!

Max: 40+

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Unscheduled EU Event [RESULTS]


ARE YOU HYPED RN? CAUSE IM HYPED RN! WE JUST HAD OUR FIRST UNSCHEDULED EU EVENT IN A LONG TIME! After having started a larger scale recruiting session, we encountered a group of penguins at Snow Forts on Marshmallow.  This group of penguins turned out to be the Bob Ross gang intruding onto our territory. Of course, we couldn’t just let this slide so we challenged them to a great battle in town. Unsurprisingly the Bob Ross gang took the L and we chased away the Bob Ross gang. But will they be back? who knows!

MAX: 25+


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Today we logged onto Blizzard for our AUSIA event. We dressed up in Fish costumes and went all across the island doing fishy tactics. We did a great job today and can continue to grow. Fight The Good Fight forever!

Continue with your username and ranks below in the THOUGHTS ON “[RESULTS] OPERATION: AQUATIC ASCENT [AUSIA]” if you attended today’s event!

MAX: 45+

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