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Welcome to the Rebel Penguin Federation! If you’re reading this, it likely means you‘ve joined and are looking for a bit of guidance. However, if you haven’t joined, you can do that by joining our Discord server here.
We’re a Club Penguin Army. We have a lot to offer, including daily events, mascot trackers, tips & tutorials, and a chat for troops to communicate and make friends. 


For those of you who are not sure what Discord is, it is a chat & messaging app that you can use to communicate with people. There are text and voice channels for typing and speaking, respectively.  You can see all of the channels on the left side and click on one to enter it!

A red 1 next to a channel means you’ve been “pinged”, or someone has mentioned you!  These are typically either important for event information, or one of your friends wants to talk to you.

Important channels include:

  • #main-chat – For general conversation
  • #help-desk – For asking questions
  • #events – For information about the next events
  • #announcements – For important announcements
  • #bots – For using Discord bots (playing music, etc)

You can also get Direct Messages, which look like this at the top left of your screen.  These are mainly just friends wanting to chat, but sometimes you might get some DMs from leaders.

Some channels also have important information in their pinned messages, like how to get access to special roles.  To check pins, click the thumbtack icon at the top right of any channel (or the three dots if you’re on mobile)!


When you first join RPF, three “roles” will be assigned for you. Those will be: your regional role, branch role and your current rank, Recruit.


The regional role makes it easier for you to see event times convenient for your timezone.
Note: You can attend any event regardless of your region.
Red: North, Central and South America (US)
Blue: Europe and Africa (EU)
Green: Asia and Australia (AUSIA)


RPF has two branches: Air Force and Navy. The only real difference between the two are their colors, Air Force being represented by red, and Navy by blue. 


Upon joining, you will be assigned Recruit, the lowest rank, giving you the opportunity to work your way to the top!
Once you’re all set, feel free to click on your nickname in chat to check out your roles!
Here is an example of what they should look like:
Click here to check out our ranks.
Keep reading for more insight on how to get promoted.


As previously mentioned, The Rebel Penguin Federation has ranks similar to army ranks, here are some things you can do to get promoted:

  1. Staying active on chatAs you may have noticed, RPF is a big community, meaning that our chat can be very busy at times. Getting to know new people and making friends, will definitely change your experience here for the better! 
  2. Attending events.

A form comes out every Sunday in the #announcements channel, on which people who want to be promoted can fill out. Promotions are announced on Mondays, our break day.

If you become very active at events and in the main chat, you could be awarded our special Troop of the Week role.

Click here to see the list of previous Troops of the Week.


We host events on a daily basis, with the exception of Monday, which is our break day. At events, everyone gathers at the directions of a commanding officer (known collectively as the High Command, or HCOM) who operates tactics and formations. 

Tactics are coordinated emotes, words, or phrases that are done by everyone at the the same time. These tactics give more meaning to the events themselves, make them more fun.

Here are some examples of what they look like in game:



Check out our uniform here, or by doing .uniform and !uniform commands in chat.


Check out the branches’ uniforms here, or by doing .branches and !branches commands in chat.

You can view which events are scheduled by typing .event on our Discord server. By doing this command, a link to our upcoming events page will show up.
Here’s a video showing common tactics and forms in action at events!


Rebel cash is our server’s own custom currency.  With rebel cash you can buy roles with it that can be found by doing .shop and .workshop in #bots

You can earn rebel cash by the following methods:

  • Attending events (events happen daily except on break day)
  • Winning contests and giveaways (giveaways can happen before or after events if you attend them)
  • Trading tatsu (another bot) credits (trade packages are pinned in #bots)
  • Completing the Tuxedo Times Challenge of the Week (weekly newspaper released on in #announcements)

The roles in the shop will help you earn more rebel cash as some give you weekly payouts or are multipliers.


Congratulations, you’ve finished the Beginner’s Guide! Now you should be able to navigate the server with ease and understand the basic foundation of what the Rebel Penguin Federation is all about.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in #help-desk!

We look forward to seeing you at our events and in the chat!

Fight the Good Fight!

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