Helloooo, rebels! Today, we logged on to CPAB – Jackhammer for a freeland invasion, making sure to get those jackhammers out and start drilling in our miner hats! We did an amazing job, successfully invading Jackhammer, and looked great while doing so! Thanks for coming !!

MAX: 23

AVG: 23

Make sure to comment with your discord username and rank below if you attended!

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Hey Rebels! Smoothie Smash is the most recent game to be added on to Club Penguin Journey, so we are happy to bring you a guide for all your stamp-achieving needs! Achieving stamps may not always be easy, but with this guide, we hope it will be smooth sailing, and you’ll have that stamp book filled in no time!

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After a week long of festivities and brain teasers celebrating the 17th anniversary of the RPF, the RNM Contest Team is back with the results! Throughout the week, the Rebels were given trivia questions regarding RPF and its history to compete for Rebel Cash, and the Rebel Brainiac role if you answered all 7 questions!. Without further ado, here are the results and the answers to all the questions!

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Operation: Aussie Aussie Aussie [EU]

g’day rebels! For today’s event we logged onto Down Under – CPAB for a invasion to get some more land on the CPA map! We wore our RPF uniforms as we did amazing tactics and forms! Thanks to everyone who joined us today!

MAX: 24

AVG: 24

Make sure to comment your discord name and ranks if you attended today!!!

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Operation: Goofy Ahh [US]

Hey Rebels! Today we logged into CPAB-Tuxedofor a very whacky event. We took over the Town in our crazy outfits that had everyone laughing with us! From kooky tactics to silly formations.  Thank you all for coming.
MAX: 17
Be sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you attended with us today

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