Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to another edition of the Pet Column, where Yodabobobo, Cracked, Jaeun, and Yas get to know the pets of the RPF! Be sure to post your pets in the #pets channel and you may have a chance of being interviewed for an upcoming issue. Hope you enjoy reading about our cuddly featured pets!

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Have you been staying tuned to the Olympics this past week? Cheering for your country’s teams, putting flags on your server nickname, etc. What if we told you there’s another way to show support for your country? Well for today’s EU/US event, we logged on to Zipline – CP Rewritten, dressed in the colors of our country’s flags! Pretty nifty, right? Fantastic work today, Rebels!

MAX: 45

AVG: 42

Don’t forget to comment your Discord username and rank if you rallied your support with us today!

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Today, the rebels logged on to ZiplineCPRewritten for another HCOMpetition!
With our first battle in LCXI fast approaching, and a huge trophy at stake, this definitely gave us all some much-needed training. HCOM aren’t an exception, as they also got to sharpen their leading skills today, speed is key! The winning HCOM, with a total of 67 tactics, is…


MAX: 35
AVG: 34

Be sure to comment with your Discord name and rank if you attended this training event!

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For today’s U.S. event, we logged on to Zipline – CPRewritten for our first ever Puffle Roundup tournament! Wearing our uniforms, we performed quick and sharp tactics in the first half. After that, everyone gave it their all gathering puffles to whip up the most points for an exclusive role! However, only three proficient rebels came out on top…

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Happy Friday my rebels!  Another week has passed and it has been a busy one.  With the rebels having their first battle for the LCXI things this weekend, everyone is hyped for the tournament.  With so many troops getting excited and prepped for this round it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.  But indeed one has stood out and has earned the honour of Troop of the week…..

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For today’s EU event, we logged onto Zipline on CPRewritten with our unique head items for an event called Operation: What Goes On Ahead. We spent this event training for LCXI (#battle-information) with our fabulous tactics and formations, and we showed off lots of different head items. Great job today rebels!

MAX: 48

AVG: 45

Make sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank down below if you attended!

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Operation: Orange You Glad? [AUSIA]

Today, we logged onto ZIPLINE – CPRewritten for another fun event! We made a super sweet outfit by using the newly released fruit codes to unlock the Orange Hoodie and Strawberry Sunglasses and continued to prepare for the upcoming LCXI Battle! Together, we performed some tangy tactics and fruitastic formations while dressed from fin to flipper. Amazing work rebels!

MAX: 30

AVG: 30

Don’t forget to comment below with your Discord name and rank if you attended!

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