Ahoy there Rebels! Today we logged in to Abominable dressed as pirates for this EU event! We completed some amazing tactics in some impressive forms before moving on to play Treasure Hunt! Great work today!

MAX: 31


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Hey everyone! For this event, we logged on Abominable-CPRewritten for a movie themed event! We wore the 3D glasses from the catalog and did some movie style tactics and formations! We definitely had a great time at this event! Great job everyone that came out today!


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Today, we logged onto Abominable – CPRewritten wearing the jungle and castaway clothing items for a Castaway-themed event! With courageous hearts and adventurous spirit we traversed and found our way through the island. While doing so, we performed wild tactics and dense formations! Great job today, everyone!

MAX: 23

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Grub! Today the Rebels logged onto Abominable-CPRewritten wearing nothing! For this event, we all attended as default penguins. None of our tactics are getting filtered today because we only performed safechat tactics! Hope everyone enjoyed going back to the basics!

MAX: 31

AVG: 30

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Troop of the Week #231

With two HCOM promotions and the ending of the Winter Olympics, it’s been an eventful week in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Many troops are attending events, helping us hit high sizes, and engaging with others by hanging out in chat. One person’s rebel spirit stood out among the others this week, and HCOM has decided that they should earn the esteemed status of Troop of the Week…..

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What’s up Rebels! For today’s EU event, we logged onto Abominable – CPRewritten for a fun skiing event! We hit the slopes in our ski suits, while showing off our gnarly tactics and formations! Good job shredding it on the slopes!

MAX: 34

AVG: 33

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Operation: Mine Diamonds [AUSIA]

Hey Rebels! For today’s AUSIA event, we logged onto Zipline – CPRewritten for Operation: Mine Diamonds. We went around the island wearing our mining helmets as we performed spectacular tactics and polished forms. Amazing job today Rebels!

MAX: 33

AVG: 32

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RPF Winter Olympics 2021-2022 Review

This January, RPF HCOM and the Party Planning Committee leaders have brought us, yet another fun week filled with shrektastic events. What went down this weekend you may ask… well we were brought our 2021-2022 RPF Winter Olympics! This special week was filled with lots of minigames with an overall theme of the DreamWorks movie, Shrek.

Enough talk, let’s dive into what happened during:


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