Operation: Animal Party [EU]

MOOO!!!! Hi rebels! For today’s event we logged onto Blizzard – CPJ for a farm animal event! We wore any of the animal costumes from the catalog as we did amazing tactics and forms! Thanks to everyone who joined us today!! 🐔🐄🐎🐑

MAX: 21

Make sure to comment your discord name and rank if you attended today’s event!

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Heya there Rebels! How we likin’ the Fair so far? Hopefully well cause for today’s EU event, we logged on to Blizzard – CPJourney for a fun poppin’ time! With our cotton candy from the prize booth, we ran around the island singing sweet tactics and performing sticky formations. After that, we played an extreme round of hide and seek, where HCOM searched tirelessly and troops hid anxiously but in the end, the winners were…


Good game Rebels!

MAX: 15

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OPERATION: Clear the Deck [US]

Ahoy maties!! Yohoho! Arrr, today be the day we be settin’ sail fer Club Penguin Island, me hearties, and we be loggin’ onto Blizzard – CPJourney fer our piratetastic event, Yohoho! We be executin’ an ARRRRay of swashbucklin’ tactics and forms, and by the grace of Davy Jones, we didn’t end up with the dreaded scurvy, arrr! What can I say, me mateys, except YOHOHO! Thanks be to ye all for joinin’ this bootylicious event, and may we cross paths again on the next island, aye! YOHOHO

MAX: 17

Comment with your discord name and rank if you attended this event!

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Operation: Step Right Up [AUSIA]

Roll up, roll up! The fair has arrived to the CPJ Island, so for todays event we dressed up as Ringmasters and headed over to Blizzard-CPJ. We waddled around conducting tactics and formations, performing a show for the island! Great job at this event everyone!


Remember to comment with your Discord Username and Rank if you came along to todays event!

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