Troop of the Week #259

Another week, another awesome set of events and activities! As this week has been steadying itself for the upcoming Olympics, we have been continuing business as usual. Lots of troops are hyped and excited for what RPF has to offer as we head into our next exciting phase of the year, yet there is one person who certainly stood out from the crowd. Introduce you to our next Troop Of The Week…

Mariomania642 joined the rebellion late July and while they might be on the quieter side, their attendance and enthusiasm has not gone un-noticed! Sitting at the rank of Private, Mario has started to shine during our war events by attending and overall taking a stand for the community! Having a nice presence in main when they do appear, they also been making an effort by showing their support in main during this time as well! We would be delighted for Mario to keep enjoying their stay at the server and continue to rank up and experience what else we have to offer! All of these points have deduced to Mario being the perfect fit for the title of Troop Of The Week #259! 

Be sure to congratulate MarioMania642 when you see them in chat!


Get to countin’! For today’s US event, the Rebels logged onto Warzone – CPAB wearing anything and everything brown to embody their inner bean as they went around the island doing formations and tactics to invade Server 94! To top off this eventful event, the Rebels competed head-to-head in a Bean Counters tournament afterwards,with only three penguins coming out on top…

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Did I hear Practice Battle?! That’s right folks, today we logged on to CPAB – Klondike in our rebel uniforms for a celebratory BIA Practice Battle event with our allies, the Ice Warriors! Not only was it a nice way to reunite with our allies again, but we were also celebrating the retirement of IW’s leader Kally. What an amazing way to celebrate, we hope everyone had fun and thanks for coming!!

MAX: 18

AVG: 18

Be sure to comment below with your Discord Name and Rank if you attended!

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What’s up Rebels? Our freeland invasions continued today with the invasion of 55, which took place on Icebreaker – CPAB! For such an event we opted to create fairy outfits and hold a fashion show! But first to secure our land we completed some smooth tactics in sharp formations!

MAX: 16

AVG: 16

Be sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank below!

Everyone’s outfits were fairy amazing but at the end of the day there could only be one winner…

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Good evening Rebels! In today’s US event, we report that we have sent a fleet of Star Destroyers to Battleground-CPAB! Geared up in our Stormtrooper armor and blaster rifles, we surrounded the enemy in a clean formation and performed top grade tactics! I am delighted to report that we were able to successfully invade server 64! Well done soldiers!

MAX: 15

Don’t forget to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you participated in the invasion soldiers!

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The RNM Contest Team has returned to present to you the results of our past catchphrase contest! For this contest, we had Rebels submit their best war catchphrases in reference to our recent war with TCP!

Every member of the Contest Team is grateful for the submissions, thank you for all your entries! It wasn’t an easy decision, but we have picked the top three winners:

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Operation: Round Up a W [AUSIA]

Puffles, round up! For today’s event, we logged on to Battleground Town for a puffle round-up event. Dressed in our puffle costumes, we paraded around, doing clean formations and quick tactics. Good job for keeping the puffles safe, rebels! On to our next topic… we had a puffle round-up tournament! Rebels fought hard to keep their puffles in, but there was only one winner that emerged as the best puffle keeper, Puffle Handler and 1500 rebel cashAccess Report