Hello Rebels! With our big battle against our allies, Ice Warriors, coming up during EU/US on Sunday, we logged on to Crystal – CPRewritten for a uniformed AUSIA event! We sharpened up our VC-led forms and tactics, and troops delivered extraordinarily well! Fantastic job today, Rebels!

MAX: 39

AVG: 34

As always, remember to comment with your Discord username and rank if you attended!

Also, if you plan on attending on Sunday, be sure to react in #battle-information.

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In preparation for our biggest battle of the year yet against our brother allies, Ice Warriors, we logged onto Ascent – CPRewritten for a classic RPF uniformed event to train and sharpen up our VC-led forms and tactics! Excellent work staying sharp today, rebels. We’re ready to show who the best army is this Sunday!

MAX: 44

AVG: 40

Make sure you comment with your Discord name and rank if you attended!

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With CPR dropping a variety of new items, today we logged on to Zipline~CPR to flex our new items! We waddled into beautiful formations and performed brilliant tactics! Awesome work at today’s US Event Rebels!

Max: 42

Make sure to comment below with your Discord username and rank if you attended the event!

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Operation: Flawless Forms [AUSIA]

Hey rebels! For today’s uniformed AUSIA event, we logged onto Zipline-CPR to prepare for our battle against Ice Warriors that will take place during EU/US this Sunday. Tactics and formations were sharp and our troops were on their A-GAME. Amazing job today rebels.



Rebels, remember to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you attended! 😀 (And react in #battle-information if you plan on attending the battle this Sunday.)

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tuxedo times (srs)

Well hi,

 I’ll be completely honest and say that I have no clue how to write something like this so we’re gonna make a mutual agreement that if this turns out awful, we’re all gonna forget that it is, ok? Also hi, if you’re not aware yet, I’m retiring, this is a retirement post

For those of you who don’t know me, hi, I’m shark, or sharkboi. I’m the blonde and British 3ic that you might see posting a weekly thing called Tuxedo Times from time to time! I’ve been in RPF for about 19 months now but hey, everything comes to end at some point right?

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Today we logged on to Ascent on CPRewritten for our Spring Gala to finish off our Rebels Through the Looking Glass week! We hung out in some fancy igloos with our wackiest outfits, and we also enjoyed some fun activities like skribbl.io and Broken Picturephone!

Max: 67

Leave a comment with your Discord name and rank if you attended!

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