Today we logged onto Tuxedo – CPArmies wearing our new custom RPF items to practice for the upcoming Semifinal Battle against Help Force in the Fright or Fight Tournament. HCOM led us through voice chat as we practiced getting into quick forms and performing swift tactics. Great job at today’s event Rebels!

MAX: 45

Make sure to comment below this post with your Discord name and rank if you attended!

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Just wing it! For today’s AUSIA event, we flapped our way on to Deep Freeze dressed in our Brown Bat costumes. Tactics and formations were fang-tastic. Truly spooktacular work today, everyone!

MAX: 41

AVG: 40

Be sure to comment your name and rank below if you attended today’s event!

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The RNM Contest Team is back and ecstatic to present the results of the latest art contest! In this contest, we asked you Rebels to get creative and show off your art skills. After very careful consideration, we’re ready to present you with the results!

We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing every single one of your submissions and we thank you greatly for putting in effort with your entries! Every piece of art work was stunning! However, winners must and will be announced…

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Today we logged on to Permafrost – CPR for our AUSIA igloo raid event! We visited some stylish igloos to help people get the igloo party stamp! We also rocked the RPF uniform and sharpened our tactics and forms in preparation for the first round of the Fight or Fright tournament. Amazing job today rebels!

MAX: 33

AVG: 32

Make sure to comment your Discord name and rank if you attended!

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Tonight we held an unscheduled bald themed event, due to popular demand, so we logged on to Tuxedo on CPArmies! With no hair to hold us back, we whisked into sleek forms and shiny tactics! I like ya cut g.

MAX: 35

AVG: 34

Leave a comment with your discord name and rank if you attended!

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