The RNM Contest Team is back to conclude this week’s special scavenger hunt! During our transition to Club Penguin Chapter 2, a new CPPS, HCOM misplaced a few items around the island. Each day, there was a new puzzle or code to solve in order to unlock a riddle hinting towards an item in CPC2. Due to your superior sleuthing skills, we were able to recover the all missing items from around the island!

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The End of the Journey

The End

I stumbled upon RPF almost 2 years ago, not knowing what was in store for me. I didn’t  necessarily understand the concept of “Club Penguin armies” at first, so a lot of this was confusing. But as I stayed in RPF and chatted with more veterans, staff, and new people like me, I realized how rich the history is in this community. The game Club Penguin I usually associate with childhood memories, but now it definitely has a new mental connotation.

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For today’s Ausia event, we logged onto CPArmies – CP Chapter 2. While donning our rebel uniforms, we showed off our synchronized tactics and crisp formations. Every single rebel patiently toughed it out despite technical difficulties. Amazing job today, Rebels!

MAX: 34

Remember to comment down your Discord username and rank if you attended!

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Today the Rebel Penguin Federation logged on to Club Penguin Chapter 2 for our Troop U-Lead event in which troops could lead their own tactics. Troops lead their creative tactics, we persevered through technical difficulties, and we all had a fun time!

MAX: 42

Remember to comment your name and Discord rank below if you attended this event!

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