Greetings Rebels! The time has come for us to join our first battle in the March Madness Tournament... we logged on to Klondike – CPAB to face the Army of Club Penguin in the Quarterfinals! Dressed up in our beloved uniform and wearing our pride on our hearts, we marched into battle and fought like there was no tomorrow! Both armies battled fiercely, but only one was able to emerge glorious and advance to the next round…

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Operation: That’s the Spirit [EU]

Hey, rebels! To continue our training for the March Madness tournament, we logged on to CPABKlondike for today’s EU event. We dressed in our ghost costumes and performed haunting tactics in spectacular formations. Good job today, rebels!

MAX: 21

AVG: 19

Be sure to comment with your Discord Name and Rank if you attended!



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And here we see the Rebel Penguins in their natural habitat… At an event of course! Today we logged onto Ice Breaker-CPABattleground, for our first training event for the upcoming March Madness Tournament! We dressed up as safari wildlife and explorers, and explored the island doing wild tactics and made formations as a herd! Amazing job at this event rebels! 


Make sure to comment below this post with your Discord Username and Rank if you attended todays training event!

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Croeso Rebels! Another contest draws to a close today and the RNM Contest Team is excited to share with you the results of the Breakday Contest! For this contest the Rebels were given free rein to design their own breakday event to host!

As usual we loved reviewing all of your submissions and want to thank everyone who submitted an entry! With that being said however, there can only be the one winner…

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Operation: Bougee Rebels [US]

Hey rebels!! For Operation: Bougee Rebels we logged onto Ice-Breaker – CPAB and wore our most luxurious outfits as we trained for march madness!! We went around the island doing fancy tactics and fabulous forms. Thanks to everyone who joined us today!! 

MAX: 17

AVG: 17

Make sure to comment your Discord name and Rank if you attended todays event!

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