Operation: The Invasion of Rome [AUSIA]

Rebels all around the world, salute! As the mighty war wages, an even mightier RPF is back, and we are hungry to get more land. Invading Rome, a server owned by the Templars, we had smooth formations and clean tactics, ending up SUCCESSFULLY invading Rome! Continue fighting the good fight, rebels!

MAX: 33

AVG: 32

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Stand tall Rebels, as we continue to wage war with our defense of the newly acquired land of Alexandria from the clutches of the Templars. We logged onto Battleground – CPAB for our US defense in our rebellious armor and performed our best tactics and strategic formations to distract the enemy from achieving victory once again! Keep fighting the good fight Rebels!

MAX: 39

AVG: 37

Make sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended the defense!

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At ease Rebels! We continued the war with our US event today, logging on to defend our territory of Ascent! Following our recent success, our forms today were clean and our tactics were sharp! This was more than enough for us to retain Ascent! Thank you for taking part Rebels! We’ll see you for the next leg!

MAX: 42


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Greetings, fellow Rebels! Today, we gathered in CPAB – Battleground to invade the server Cairo for our EU Invasion! With our great tactics and superb formations, we managed to rise to victory once again and claim Cairo! Well done Rebels!

MAX: 45

AVG: 44

Make sure to comment with your Discord name and rank if you attended this invasion!

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OPERATION: AURORA BOREALIS [AUSIA] (Invasion of Northern Lights)

Hey there Rebels! Today we logged onto WarzoneCPABattleground for our AUSIA invasion of Northern Lights, Operation: Aurora Borealis! We performed some clean forms and great tactics today and successfully invaded Northern Lights! Great job at today’s battle, Rebels!

MAX: 38


Be sure to comment your Discord name and rank below if you attended today’s event!

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Hey, Rebels! On today’s event-filled Saturday we logged onto Klondike – CPAB for our US event. Rebels wore the classic RPF uniform while going around the island doing formations and tactics to defend the land of Chinook from the Templars, and we achieved just that…

MAX: 40
AVG: 39

Be sure to comment your DISCORD NAME and RANK if you attended!

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