Today the rebels logged on to CPRewritten – ZIPLINE for a positively perfect Power Puff Girl event! Dressed in green, pink, and blue, they performed fabulous tactics around the island and looked their very best! Outstanding job rebels!

MAX: 23

Make sure to comment your Discord name and rank if you attended!

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The RNM Contest Team is back to conclude this week’s special scavenger hunt! This week you had to find items around the island of club penguin. Each day, there was a new riddle to solve. We hope you had a great time exploring the island!

During the week you were presented with riddles in which you had to find certain items within CPR.  The Contest Team thanks all 23 participants for their help solving the riddles!

You can find the riddle answers at the bottom of this post!

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RNM MEME CONTEST [09/13/2021]

As the RNM Contest Team wrapped up our last scavenger hunt-themed contest, we are back at it again with a hilarious-filled contest. With school coming back into session, it’s high time we came back to brighten the scene with a fun meme contest!

For this contest, we want all comedians to come out with creative and fun, RPF or Club Penguin-themed memes!

To enter, just direct message a member of the Contest Team a picture of your meme. You can find a list of all members by doing .inrole Contests in #bots.

The winners will be picked by the Contest Team, and those picked will receive a Rebel Cash reward!

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Operation: Mascot Sightings [EU/US]

Sightings of mascots has been found all around the island! It’s up to the rebels to log onto Abominable – CPRewrriten with their binoculars to help track and seek them! Both HCOM (who were the ones dressed up as mascots!) and the rebels did well in their roles as hiders and seekers, but the winning side in the end is…

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For today’s EU/US event, we logged on to Ascent – CPRewritten for a long awaited branch battle! Wearing their respective uniforms, the two branches, Navy and Air Force, fought strong against each other with sharp forms and brilliant tactics. Both teams did marvelous, but only one can come out on top.

The winner is…

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Hey there Rebels! Today we logged onto ZIPLINE Club Penguin Rewritten in the hopes of painting it pink in our AUSIA event suggested by Beanie. We did some fetch forms and tactics, as well as showing off some flair in our outfits! After all, on Saturdays we wear pink!

Max: 33
Avg: 33

Amazing job today rebels, make sure to comment below with your discord name and rank!

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Today we logged onto Sleet – CPR for our US event, Operation: Hydro Hysteria. In this event rebels got a chance to seas the day in our first ever Hydro Hopper tournament! Everyone had a splashtastic time showing off their tricks together, keep on reading to see how many coins we all earned!

Together rebels earned a total of…

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