Hey there Rebels! Today we logged on to Warzone CPABattleground for our US event, Operation: Gotta Catch Em All! We wore Pokemon inspired outfits and did some amazing forms and tactics around the island! Great job at today’s event, Rebels!

MAX: 22

AVG: 21

Don’t forget to comment your Discord name and rank below if you attended today’s event!

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Troop Of The Week #251

Despite saying farewell to many staff members, another eventful week has come to a close. We began checking out Club Penguin Legacy more this week, showing the start of a new era. It is once again Friday – time to announce the new Troop Of The Week! Many troops have shown their skills but this week’s award goes to…

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Operation: Fairy Ring [AUSIA]

Hey there, Rebels! For today’s event, we logged on to CPAB Klondike in our fairy and elf outfits! A fairy-tastic event that our very own General, Gabgeirl, suggested in our recent event contest hosted by the contest team, rebels soared with fairytabulous and elfish tactics in strong formations. Well done, Rebels!

MAX: 17

AVG: 17

Remember to comment your Discord Name and Rank below!

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Hey, Rebels! For today’s EU event, we logged onto Blizzard – Town CPLegacy wearing viking helmets while doing tactics by only using options in the safe chat menu. We did these tactics all around the island, as well as showed off various formations for a successful event!

MAX: 26
AVG: 25

Be sure to comment your NAME and RANK if you attended!

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:nod: :shy: :rebelpepejedi:

Welcome to the Alienn is Over Party, where you are all invited to read along with my RPF journey that lead up to all of the great things I was able to take part in since joining the penguins! The time has unfortunately come to retire from my Third in Command position, as I’ve had to shift my focus to irl for the time being. I’m so thankful for all the memories I’ve made and friendships I’ve formed here, so please join me in taking a walk down memory lane ✨ Sparkles Emoji on Apple iOS 11.1

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The RNM Contest Team is coming back at you with the winners of the latest Event Contest! During the past few weeks, all rebels were encouraged to design their own creative and fun CPAB events, from the costumes down to the rooms in game!

The team was so dazzled with the entertaining and unique submissions you guys offered that they had quite a hard time deciding which ones to pick. However, in the end, only 3 brilliant ideas stood out from the rest and will come to fruition…

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Operation: Surfin The Mines [US]

Brandish those helmets Rebels because we are crashing right into a Cart Surfing Tournament! We logged onto Blizzard – CPL with our trusty mining helmets to see which penguin truly has the need for the speed! We kicked it off by practicing with our fast-paced tactics and daredevil formations as we go zooming through! Afterwards, we begin the surfing of carts tournament to compete against each other to see who can score the most points! Such a fast and furious display today everyone!

Max: 20

Be sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you attended our event!

In 1st place, with a score of 1100 is…

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