🎶Somewhere over the rainbow, Rebels dance… 🎶Hello fellow rebels!! On this EU event, we logged on CPLegacy, Blizzard-Docks for a colour themed event!! We wore with our favourite colour and we did some colorful tactics and cheerful forms!! We visited some rooms and made them colorful!!! Hope we made everyone cheerful in this event!!!


Thanks everyone for attending this wonderful event!!

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Room 1: Docks

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Yeti or not, here we come! For this EU event, we hopped onto Club Penguin Legacy for a classic event: hide and seek! We grabbed the yeti costume, which is featured in the brand-new Snow Maze party, and did some chilly tactics in some clean forms. Afterwards, troops and mods hid all around the island from HCOM. The winners of this hide and seek event are….

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Hey there Rebels! Today we logged onto Blizzard – Club Penguin Legacy for our US event, Operation: Roast Chickens! We put on the chicken outfit and got prepared to roast HCOM! We performed some amazing forms, quick tactics and some clever roasts! Great work at today’s event, Rebels!

MAX: 23

AVG: 22

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Operation: Music Maestro [AUSIA]

G’morning Rebels! For today’s AUSIA event, we logged on to Klondike – CPAB for a musical event! Dressed with our instruments, we sang our hearts out and tuned our heartstrings to the melodic sounds this event. Music definitely filled everyone’s ears this fine morning!

MAX: 15

AVG: 14

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Happy Sunday Rebels! For today’s EU event, we logged on to Warzone-CPAB for a practice battle against an old foe… SWAT! Dressed in our gear, we battled for glory and honor through sophisticated formations and cutting edge tactics to show our strength. Both armies made a great show of display today, good job!

MAX: 24

AVG: 23

Don’t forget the comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended the battle!

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