Hall of Fame

Welcome to the RPF Legends page. Here you will find some of the greatest leaders and soldiers to have ever served in the Rebel Penguin Federation, and have helped continue the success and the life of the army for more than one and a half decades. The page is separated into four categories.


The highest honor available in the RPF. Given to those who have accomplished the most in the army. The people you see holding this prominent title are the peak of what you can become in the RPF, and you should strive to work as hard as they have so that one day, you can call yourself an RPF Legend as well.


While not quite a total legend, these people have had a mass influence on RPF, and through tremendous strength and courage contributed to the RPF in a positive way, and helped continue the RPF’s legacy honorably. They have proven themselves to be, well, iconic.


These people, through great strength, have achieved the title of Hero. They have done their part to help the RPF be successful for years to come, and help RPF secure victory countless times.


The name speaks for itself. The title of Rebel is given to those who through considerable strength helped RPF and were always loyal, proving themselves a true soldier.



Commando717 created the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2007 alongside Kyle Cease as a rebellion from the evil UMA. Together with Oagalthorp and the Army of Club Penguin, UMA was defeated. After UMA’s defeat, RPF quickly rose and became the strongest army of 2007, with Commando717 leading the way. He famously coined the term “Fight The Good Fight”, which is still used by the RPF today. He created the concept of Club Penguin armies having “nations” and also helped pioneer the Server Map in 2015 and 2016. He is still active to this day and is regarded as the greatest of all RPF leaders.


In most cases, people in the Club Penguin Army Community think of Commando717 when thinking about the emergence of the Rebel Penguin Federation, however, Commando did not create and run the RPF by his self. Kyle Cease, a long time friend of Commando, was right alongside with him at the peak of the third world war to the waning months of the Tundra Wars. Kyle Cease was a character, similar to Sergie. If the RPF leadership was a coin, Commando was one side, and Kyle Cease was the other rigged, unclean side. Kyle Cease rarely got on, and when he was, he wasn’t speaking. He did not care 90 percent of the time and was a mystery to most RPF troops. He stuck around for the most part of the first five years of RPF’s history, but slowly disengaged himself from the Community, unlike Commando himself. He never had the outstanding leadership qualities like Furbur or Elmikey had, mainly because he did not try to be that person. Instead, he was the icon of the RPF and practically dubbed the RPF as what it was known years ago, as the Troll Army of CP.


One of the most loyal members of RPF during WWIII, Omega quickly climbed to the top of the RPF ranks to where he would become one of the most well-known owners in RPF history. He is most well known for getting into debates with many troops of his time, as well as writing the first constitution of the USRPF, a practice in which would be experimented by many Club Penguin armies. He also created the first-ever RPF boot camp, as well as the infamous SCORPIA.


The German Rebel of the Federation practically saved the RPF from doom. During the Age of Nations, Ziehen led the Air Force branch of the RPF after the Tundra Wars, taking Bobliosenior’s place. Kg007, the second appointed leader of the RPF, had gone AWOL for weeks, leaving the RPF leaderless. Kg then appeared as the leader of the Army of Club Penguin alongside his brother Fort57. Ziehen was then pushed as leader of the RPF, and he began his campaign against the ACP, dawning the great Cold War of Club Penguin (2008-2010). Ziehen’s competence to lead a weakened RPF against the behemoth-sized ACP pushed the RPF to new heights, installing a fresh new idea that the RPF was not a one and done army. Towards the end of his reign, he had his share of wins and losses against the tyrannical ACP, but luckily, Commando returned as a leader to give the RPF the kick start it needed to combat the ACP at its highest level.


From another 2nd generation recruit to the 4th generation legend, Tundra Wars medalist, and the Navy’s finest, Furbur27 wrote his name down in history alongside the likes of Kyle Cease and Commando717. While his influence pushed him passed those in the ranks, he became a true legend in his own time. After the fall of the RPF after Commando’s second reign, Furbur led the Federation right under their leader, Kyle Cease. However, at second in command, the troops treated him as if he were in Kyle Cease’s position. Eventually, he took the role of leader and fought against the UMA and ACP in the years after World War III.


After the horrible effort of Sergie leading the RPF in the last breaths of the Cold War, a new leader emerged into the RPF. Commando halted the anger towards the ACP, and began searching for new leaders. He appointed Karakoran, also known as Emperor Josh. He fit right in. Josh was relaxed, yet a very demanding leader. He was the first leader to build up the RPF without Commando’s help and became a powerhouse in the Community. Yet, Josh needed more help running the army. He picked up Ashes1627, a Brit who was also new to the Federation. The two were extremely powerful, and so was the army, just in time for the great Ice Warriors War of 2010. The two combated the IW, seemingly neck and neck throughout the whole war. RPF would soon be declared the victor of the war, being one of the biggest upsets perhaps in the history of armies.


Hailing from the United Kingdom, Ashes1627 was without a doubt a force to be reckoned with. After only one year of service within the RPF, he became a co-leader of RPF with Karakoran, also known as Emperor Josh. During this time, Ashes and Karakoran led RPF through one of the greatest periods of success in its history. After his service, Ashes worked with RPF creator Commando717 in several projects involving the RPF, and he continues to be a very talked about RPF figure even today.


A former Watex Warrior turned rebel in the year of 2009; Cewan, also known as Arod123, was a very loyal soldier for 2+ years until his takeover of the USRPF government and army in March of 2011 with his partners, ATM 23 and Termster. This was the leadership that coined the term “Far From Over” which is one of RPF’s most legendary quotes and is still used to this day. Cewan and his regime proved that you did not need to be a veteran from 2007 or previous leading experience to bring RPF to greatness, but all that was needed was hard work, determination and discipline. He was truly a man with a plan.


A humble small army leader for a year and a half until he was compelled to join the historic powerhouse that was the Rebel Penguin Federation in June of 2010. ATM 23 was a hardworking and loyal soldier who always stayed loyal to RPF’s original motto: “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT”. Serving in many leaderships and earning legend several times over, especially for his work as a second in command under Cewan, he has made it his life commitment to always fight the good fight, whether it’s for RPF on the battlefield of Club Penguin, or on the battlefield of life.


Elmikey was one of the first people to ever join the RPF in May 2007. Impressed with Elmikey’s recruiting prowess, Commando717 was quick to promote Elmikey to become his second-hand man. He found short-term success in RPF, having spent only a few months in the 2ic position before retiring, still recruiting several future RPF legends in his time served and being the driving force behind RPF in their war against UMA. Elmikey did not return to the RPF until 2013, seven years after the RPF’s first Golden Age. He took the role of RPF Leader and brought CP recruiting back to the RPF. It proved to be efficient, as RPF would soar to sizes not seen in armies for years. RPF was able to defeat the long-time #1 army, the Nachos, as well as win several tournaments including the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos under Elmikey.


Silverburg joined the RPF in 2013 during the second Golden Age. He was a quick learner and became the quickest person in RPF history to ever assume the role as RPF Leader. As an AUSIA Leader, Silverburg propelled the RPF AUSIA Division to become the strongest in armies, hitting sizes of over 50 on Club Penguin, never seen before. After Elmikey left the RPF in early 2014, Silverburg took charge and led the RPF to #1 on the Top Ten multiple times with just his AUSIA division. This was short-lived, as Silverburg would soon leave RPF as well. However, in 2015, Silverburg and Elmikey would make their return to the Rebel Penguin Federation. While Elmikey was plagued with inactivity, Silverburg was able to rise to the occasion and lead RPF to its third Golden Age, hitting sizes that RPF had not seen since 2013. RPF was able to conquer the Light Troops, Nachos and the ACP, and also take home the Legends Cup trophy. While Commando717 is known for pioneering the first Golden Age, and Elmikey is known for pioneering the second Golden Age, Silverburg is known for pioneering the third Golden Age, recruiting thousands of new recruits to carry on the army for years to come.


Popsicle, through his valiant determination, became a leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation in just a matter of months. Starting as a Private, Popsicle climbed the rungs of the ladder all the way up to the high command, where he would become Rebel Commander on May 23, 2017. He led alongside many influential veterans whom had been in armies far longer than he had, yet he pulled the same weight as they did nonetheless. He then surpassed his predecessors, leading Operation: Jet Pack singlehandedly, going on to reach an average troop count of well over 100. Popsicle ended up outlasting all of his leadership partners, crushing all expectations while serving as Rebel Commander. During the RPF Rewritten golden age and beyond, RPF saw monumental growth under Popsicle, hitting sizes of 100+ time and time again. RPF emerged victorious in the Legends Cup 2018 under Popsicle, as well as World War VII. He would end up leading the 4th golden age for over a year consecutively. During his reign, RPF was consistently the dominant army in the community. Popsicle is an inspiration to troops and leaders to never give up on their dreams, and a model that no matter how far away the light at the end of the tunnel may seem, how fast you get to it depends on how fast you run towards it.


Left joined RPF during the 4th golden age, RPF Rewritten. He quickly grabbed the attention of leaders, and flew through the ranks into the high command and eventually the leadership in a matter of months. Left became a very well-respected leader for his command of troops on the battlefield and his strong recruiting prowess. He was leader during some of RPF’s greatest heights in 2017 and 2018, and helped draw in hundreds of new members to the army. After RPF’s 2018 golden age, he continued to lead the army solo through times of great turmoil, maintaining steadiness. He was also leader during the army’s name change from RPF to RF, and helped oversee the move to platforms outside of Club Penguin. RPF’s success and growth during this time can largely be attributed to the hard work of Left.


Red Gush first joined the RPF in 2012. Alongside the likes of Commando, Shad and Lord Pain, he helped revive the RPF in early 2013 and helped plant the seeds for the RPF’s Second Golden Age. Red Gush led on a consistent basis for the rest of 2013, helping lead the RPF through the Nacho war and Christmas Chaos. He was also democratically elected to be the Vice President of the USRPF. He worked with the USRPF President at the time, Elmikey, to help guide RPF on a healthy path despite having a heavily unstable ownership. After retiring from armies in 2014, Red Gush, now going by Redd, returned and in February of 2019 started a division of the newly founded Rebel Federation, the Minecraft Division. He would also serve as an admin for the Rebel Federation. Redd, along with Twitchy543, are the first two legends to be named legends not through their work with the RPF but for their work with the Rebel Federation as a whole.


Before his proposal to move armies to Discord in the aftermath of Club Penguin’s shut down and his success in the Christmas Chaos Tournament of 2015, Twitchy made a grand entrance into the army community in 2008 in a medium-sized army known as the Red Raiders. Twitchy was the articulate, diplomatic, and well-rounded soldier that developed his skills throughout the countless battles and conflicts he’s experienced among the many armies of Club Penguin. He then graced the U.S.R.P.F. with his presence during RPF’s second golden age era, RPF Victory, in 2013. Though requesting to start from the bottom of the ranks and work his way up, he was given the ranking of General, later being promoted to Second in Command. Twitchy not only had his fair share of accomplishments within the many nations of the community, but his personality and demeanor carried him a long way as well. He was viewed as a foreign diplomat to the armies he served, which reflected his universal respect and influence to the community. Such acknowledgment gave him the notoriety to aid in decision-making about international affairs, regardless of rank or position.


Joining in June of 2013, Ultipenguinj was a dedicated troop who through his hard work rose through the ranks and got leader for the first time in February of 2014. He led RPF out of the dark ages that caused them to fall down to a Small/Medium army and retired as Rebel Commander in March of 2015. In June of 2019, Ulti would rejoin for Second in Command and Strike Force Director, a unique leader rank made for RPF’s new Strike Force division that would battle other armies, a foreign concept for this era. Ulti quickly regained his past rank of Rebel Commander in August of that same year.  Under him, the army would have many months long streaks of first-place finishes in the weekly Top Ten Armies, win multiple tournaments and battles, and defeat their arch-rivals, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, in war.  Most notably, Ulti led multiple record-breaking events, including the successful Defense of Tuxedo in World War Rewritten against 9 other armies, and the largest event in Club Penguin armies history, with a max of 178. Through all of this, he successfully reintegrated the RPF as a whole into the army community, achieving Club Penguin Army Legend and community-wide renown in the process.  Ultipenguinj is a perfect example of the fact that you can always come back and write another chapter.


Crazzy first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in June of 2019 and quickly rose through the troop ranks. Joining RPF’s staff ranks in September and becoming a member of RPF High Command in December, she garnered valuable experience from notable veterans such as Cosmo, Silverburg, and Ultipenguinj. She would get her first big chance to prove herself during World War Rewritten, when she led alongside her fellow Second in Commands and successfully defended Tuxedo from Chaos Army. She would be promoted in June and serve alongside co-leader Cosmo, ushering in a new generation after the departure of Ultipenguinj. Crazzy would make an immediate impact as leader, leading RPF to a Legends Cup tournament victory at the largest RPF uniform event, maxing 162. She would also prove to be an important part to the formation of the Black Ice Alliance, an alliance made up of the top three armies in all of Club Penguin. Furthermore, she would lead RPF to another tournament win, maxing 128 against the Army of Club Penguin during the Fright or Fight finals, and would see RPF hold first place on the weekly Top Ten Armies list for majority of her leadership, bar a few weeks. To finish off 2020, she led RPF to victory in the Christmas Chaos X finals against the Ice Warriors, maxing 129. During her reign, she defeated armies like the Doritos, Pizza Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Recon Federation of Club Penguin, and the Water Vikings in massive invasion battles or wars. She also received the title of CPA Legend and Person of the Year during her successful reign. Being one of the first CPPS era RPF troops to make it from Private to Rebel Commander, Crazzy is a perfect example of what you can achieve so long as you keep working hard.


Cosmo’s army career began when he enlisted in Rebel Penguin Federation in 2017. After working hard for a year, he was able to earn 2ic where he helped RPF have a dominant AUSIA division reaching sizes of 80. In 2019, he was finally given Rebel Commander, leading alongside Silverburg and Queenieliz. After a brief 3 month stint, he later retired and then rejoined for 4ic in at the end of 2019. Once again, he earned 2ic and was able to lead RPF’s dominant AUSIA division to sizes of 100+. In April 2020, during the infamous World War Rewritten, Cosmo was promoted to leader alongside UltipenguinJ where RPF displayed a commanding performance vs ACP and Chaos. After the war, Cosmo solo led for a month before Crazzy joined him at the helm. The two of them formed a dynamic duo as RPF hit extreme sizes, reaching maxes of 162 and 155 in the Legends Cup finals, winning the tournament. Post tournament, he guided RPF alongside Crazzy in joining the Black Ice Alliance and defeating Doritos quickly in a war. From there on, RPF continued their success as they won the Legend’s Cup X, Fright or Flight, & the Christmas Chaos X tournament and were number 1 on the Top Ten Armies for almost the entirety of his leadership.


Elexonck joined RPF in 2018, becoming a member of staff by the fall of 2019. After reaching the position of 2nd-in-Command, Elex would take part in leading many of RPF’s successful war invasions against the Recon Federation, Water Vikings, and other enemy armies. Once Cosmo retired from his solo leader position in February 2021, Elex would become Rebel Commander alongside F6sixer. They then continued to lead RPF to 100+ sizes at the 14th RPF anniversary celebration, and preserved RPF’s champion titles by winning both Legends Cup XI and Christmas Chaos XI. Elex would also serve as a spokesperson for RPF during the infamous March Madness 2021 controversy and again during the war against the Templars army. RPF saw the #1 spot on Top Ten the most out of any army throughout 2021 under his leadership. Having partaken in back-to-back Legends Cup victories, and three consecutive Christmas Chaos victories (the first three-peat for any army in a single tournament), Elex would go on the have the longest continuous leadership in RPF history. Elex’s RPF also won March Madness in 2023, breaking the curse and capturing that elusive final trophy that had always evaded us. On the war front, Elex led RPF to victory in the Summer Sovereign War, and notably helped lead the Blue Sunset Alliance in WWXII, where the group went 32-0 and dealt a crushing defeat to the Sapphire Concordat. With over 5 years of nonstop service and a bevy of achievements to boot, Elex is a shining example of tremendous loyalty to the RPF, and proof that there’s no limit to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.



Tucker Jinx joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2007 and ranked up very quickly to Warlord, one of RPF’s highest ranks at the time. She was one of the very first women in Club Penguin armies to hold such a high rank in not only the RPF, but the entire community. She was adored by the Rebel Penguin Federation’s soldiers and was perhaps the earliest edition of the rank “RPF Princess”.


Rocket EMS is regarded as one of the most brilliant soldiers of the RPF’s first Golden Age. His hard work helped push RPF over the edge and defeat UMA, and he would become RPF’s second ever 2ic after Elmikey left RPF abruptly. When Commando717 was absent, Rocket EMS would always play his role as 2ic with efficiency, even leading RPF solo for two weeks during RPF’s prime. He will go down as one of the most legendary rebels ever to serve in the army.


This braggadocio, ACP loathing, well-versed rebel made his début into the Club Penguin Army Community by creating an army of his own in the wake of the Third World War. Despite being unsuccessful at making his army notable and a force to be reckoned with, his glory and notoriety were developed once he joined forces with the RPF only weeks into their emergence. Worky has seen and experienced the multitudes of wars the RPF and the Community have come across, while also assisting Ziehen and future leaders in implanting the detestation of the ACP into the minds of not only the USRPF but into the Community as well. Because of his failed attempt at leading his own army, Worky always avoided the multiple possibilities of leading the great Federation, in fear of ruining his and the RPF’s name. However, because of his immense experience and devout loyalty to the USRPF, he was a leader to all troops, whether below or above him. His highest achievement was being second in command, and being recognized as one of the greatest soldiers and one of the very few legends to never lead the RPF.


Sergie deserves two parts to his biography. This first generation troop, alongside Dragonninja, was part of the first “jerks” of the RPF. He made it known that he had no tolerance towards “noobs” or anyone who dared to insult his intelligence. However, his aggressiveness assisted the RPF with the anti-ACP agenda. Sergie and Dragon themselves created the “No Noob Policy” in the RPF, and dawned the creation of “De-noobization.” In the first 5 years of the creation of the rebellion, the RPF became known as one of the more intelligent militaries in the Community, with minds like Omega39, Lpg123, and Furbur27. Sergie also influenced the minds of Frerebo, Reaperdrone, John Borne, and DJ, making the more aggressive side of the RPF. However, being the jerk that he is, he briefly turned RPF into a dictatorship, hacked the website and desecrated it, and sparked a rebellion within the RPF (ironic, right?) After the failure of the rebellion, he faded from the Community, only to return as a loyal member once Ashes and Karakoran (Josh) rebirthed the RPF.


Although Fiasco was often shunned for being one of the first RPF soldiers to also be a troop in their ex-rival ACP, he always demonstrated his loyalty to the legendary Rebellion. This troop was a part of the same graduating class as the great Furbur27 and has his trail set all across the CP Army Community. After the exit of Furbur, Fiasco took control of the RPF with Oberst, becoming the first leadership duo in RPF history and making the RPF one of the first multi-leader armies in the Community. He and Oberst restored RPF to their former glory, but departed after some time and faded from the Community.


Everybody’s favorite Mexican, Paco, joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2010. His demeanor and his natural skill allowed him to rank up very quickly. He soon became a leader, and under his leadership, the RPF was very successful and hit sizes of 35+ multiple times. Long after his leadership, he’d play roles in future generations of RPF. He was most well known for his role in the rebellion from the RPF in 2014 while it was controlled by Snaily5.


Flappy is perhaps the most loyal person to ever serve RPF in our entire history. She joined in 2007 and has served in the army for almost a decade. She got her big break in 2013, receiving RPF Leader during the RPF/AR war in August, and she proved to be very skilled at what she did. She would later assume a smaller role of Advisor and help coach RPF through their third Golden Age. Flappy is the epitome of the good fight.


Lord Pain’s legacy in the RPF begins in early 2013. He was requested by Commando717 to lead the new generation of RPF, which he humbly accepted. RPF would hit great sizes with Lord Pain leading, and he’d continue leading with Elmikey. He hit it big in the Nacho wars, where he led many battles by himself including the reclamation of RPF’s capital, Tuxedo. After the Summer of 2013, he would be removed by Snaily5 and was forced to go on other endeavors within the community. However, he’d rejoin the RPF in time for the third Golden Age in 2015 and assume the role of Advisor. He shared the rank with Flappy, and they would both help guide the RPF for many years. However, instead of staying Advisor, Lord Pain would return to lead in December 2016. He helped lead RPF through the famous “Pain Wars”, in which RPF completely dominated the ACP and established themselves as the true army of Club Penguin.


Snaily5 would start her storied RPF career in July of 2013 after retiring from the Army of Club Penguin. Showing great resilience during battles in the Nacho War, she would quickly find herself promoted to the rank of 2ic, and then later Rebel Commander. After helping lead RPF to #1 on the Top Ten many times, she’d retire and carry on as an Advisor. With this rank, she’d constantly fight for equal leadership in the army, representing both the USRPF constitution and dissatisfied RPF veterans. Her most noteworthy contribution to the RPF, however, would be her creation of the RPF AUSIA Division, changing the army from exclusively US/UK to a worldwide phenomenon.


One of the youngest and most loyal soldiers known to the Rebel Penguin Federation. After joining RPF on July 11th, 2013, at the young age of eight years old, Junie quickly climbed the RPF ranks to a comfortable position of Second in Command because of his maturity and hard work. He remained with that rank for a few years and never left the army—no matter what war was ongoing or how large in numbers the RPF was—despite being deprived of the motivation that comes along with being promoted. After enduring the test of loyalty that spanned over many years, Junie was finally promoted to RPF Commander on February 28, 2017, after a unanimous decision. Even after the years of waiting, he became a commander at 11 years old (a few months from his birthday), making him the youngest leader RPF had ever seen. He was one of the leaders of the fourth golden age of RPF. He is heavily respected in the Rebel Penguin Federation and always brings hype with him wherever he goes. Junie is a major influence and an example to troops that, no matter how young they are, they can reach the top of the ladder and achieve greatness.


TheNightma3e first joined the RPF in 2014. After 6 months of service, Night left the army, eventually returning in 2016. After another stint away from the army, Night rejoined during the 4th golden age and became a standout troop, eventually reaching the position of 2ic in 2018. Night was tasked with leading the AUSIA division, and he was able to exceed expectations and bring the division to new heights along with his strong companion, Plane. Under Night’s direction, the division saw sizes upwards of 80+ during the Rise of AUSIA project, sizes never seen before in the history of club penguin armies for AUSIA. Night’s dedication to recruiting and loyalty to the army were integral to RPF’s success during this time. He is one of the greatest AUSIA leaders, and RPF owners, to ever grace club penguin armies.


After spending years in the upper ranks of the Dark Warriors, Perry joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2017 after the closure of Club Penguin. He would rise to become one of the most highly-regarded and respected Second in Commands of the army in the ensuing golden age, playing a major role in RPF’s dominant rise and sustained success during one of the army’s best generations. After his official retirement, Perry would remain a loyal and intelligent advisor for years, maintaining his position through multiple golden generations of the CPPS era. Throughout this time, he became revered for his ability to craft war plans and treaties, helping guide numerous leaderships to victory in tournaments and wars alike. Thanks to his savvy veteran knowledge and consistently strong advising, Perry epitomizes what it takes to succeed in the RPF after joining from an outside army.

F6sixer first joined RPF in early 2019. F6 joined RPF HCOM before the end of the year, and would play a role in helping lead Strike Force training events. F6 would serve as a crucial 2nd-in-Command during RPF’s successful tournament wins in CPAM’s Premier League Tournament, Christmas Chaos X, World War Rewritten battles and other competitions. He would then become RPF leader alongside Elexonck in February 2021 after serving his time as a key 2nd-in-Command. F6’s leadership would be involved in the infamous March Madness 2021 semifinals, pushing him to eventually draft a new league with Ice Warriors founder Iceyfeet1234 known as the Club Penguin Army Network in May 2021. With its launch, F6 would be responsible to bring back an official community map after 5 months without one, while working with Commando717 and his own coding abilities. F6 would lead RPF to a max of 100+ in its 14th anniversary event, and a win in Legends Cup XI and Christmas Chaos XI tournaments.













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