Hey there Rebels! For today’s AUSIA event, we logged on to Blizzard-CPJ wearing the lifeguard shirt for this VERY SAFE event! As the summer heat settled in, we walked  around the island practicing safety tactics and performing formation drills for when a real battle would come our way. Great job Rebels!

MAX: 19

Don’t forget to comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended the event!

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Operation: Cart Surfer Kings [EU]

Today we logged on to CPAB – KLONDIKE for a practice battle with our allies, the Water Vikings! Both armies showed prowess on the battlefield with clever tactics and outstanding formations. Then we competed in a Cart Surfer tournament! Thank you to everyone who attended this event!

The winner of the Cart Surfer tournament is…

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Operation: Formation Elevation [EU]

Hey rebels! Today we logged on to CPAB-Tuxedo with our Rebel Uniforms to sharpen our formations! We took our formations to the next level, and flourished our razor-sharp tactics. Amazing job to everyone who elevated their battle abilities at this training event!

MAX: 18

AVG: 17

Be sure to comment your discord name and rank below if you attended this event!

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OPERATION: Play That Funky Music [US]

Hello Rebels!! Today, we logged onto BlizzardCPJ with our black MP3000’s and had a musically fantastic event!! We had some rad and melodic formations and tactics as we grooved along the island!! Thank you all so much for attending this orchestra that we created during this event!

MAX: 22

Make sure to comment your Discord name and rank if you attended this event!!

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