Operation: She was a Fairy [EU]

Hello Rebels! Today We logged onto Blizzard-Forest with our amazing looking Fairy outfits on! We took the CPJ Island by storm as we flew around the CPJ map chanting meaningful tactics and sitting in fantastic forms! We hope you all enjoyed it Rebels, You did amazing!


Make sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you attended todays event!
Event Pics:

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Operation: Gorgeous Gradients [US]

       Hey Rainbow Rebels! Today we logged into CPJBlizzard for a very colorful event. We did bright tactics and fabulous formations that lit up the whole stadium with our proudly earned Rank colors and pride for RPF! Thank you all for coming!

MAX: 19

Be sure to comment your Discord name and Rank if you attended with us today

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Heya Rebels! Buzz Buzz. Today we logged onto CPJ-Blizzard for a sweet Bee event! We went pollinating around the island and with our hard work we had bee-autiful tactics and formations! Brilliant job, Rebels!



Remember to comment with your Discord Rank and name if you attended!

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Heya Rebels! Today we logged onto CPJ-Blizzard for an exciting U-Lead event! We had an amazing event where our fearless troops took turns leading fabulous tactics whilst we had fantastic forms. Brilliant job, rebels, and thank you for the fantastic leading!


Remember to comment with your Discord Rank and name if you attended!

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Heya Rebels! The RNM Contest Team has returned to present to you… the awaited results of the Egg decorating contest! For easter 2024 the party planning committee planned a weekend party Rebel Egg-stravaganza, for the party checklist we had everyone submit their Easter eggs for this contest.

the Contest team is delighted with the submissions, thank you everyone for the entries! Even though we have to choose winners everyone did an incredible job, Here are our winners of this contest

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