Operation: We’re Bad Like The Duckie [EU]

Duck… duck… penguin? Today we logged onto Blizzard-CP Journey for a fun event with the Pink Duck Floatie! We waddled around the island showing of the stylish item while doing bill-iant tactics and swimming into neat formations! Great job at the event Rebels!

MAX: 15

Don’t forget to comment below with your Username and Rank, only if you attended todays event!

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May the force be with us… Today we logged onto Icebreaker – CPAB for a Star Wars themed practice battle with our allies the Water Vikings! We battled it out with rebellious forms and tactics all over the galaxy (of club penguin island). Win or win not… there is no try…

MAX: 17

AVG: 16

Thank you for coming to todays battle! Comment on this post with your Discord name and rank if you attended!

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Hi Rebels! For today’s US event, we logged on to Blizzard-CPJ wearing our fabulous aprons. We marched around the island showcasing our colorful armors for the workforce while demonstrating our talents as baristas, pizza chefs, balloon vendors, etc. We huffed and puffed doing sturdy formations and screamed the most daring tactics at the top of our lungs. All in a day’s work Rebels, good job!

MAX: 20

Make sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended the event!

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Operation: Pineapple Palooza [AUSIA]

Hey rebels! For today’s event we logged onto Blizzard – CPJ for a pineapple palooza! We wore our amazing pineapple costumes from the clothing catalog as we did fabulous tactics and forms! Thanks to everyone who came out today!🍍

MAX: 14

Make sure to comment your discord name and rank if you attended!

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Breaking news! For today’s EU event, we logged on to Battleground-CPAB for a special battle. Wearing the iconic Tuxedo Times reporter hat, we set out for battle against some of the biggest armies out there, namely ACP, WV, HF, PIC, etc. in this Battle of the Newspapers! We did the most perfect of formations and chanted the noblest of tactics for the world to hear as all eight army newspapers clashed with each other in this epic battle. All armies fought honorably and fiercely. Good job everyone!

MAX: 20

AVG: 20

Don’t forget to comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended the battle!

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