Operation: Talk Like Yoda [EU]

An event, we have today yes! Celebrating ‘Talk like Yoda’ day, we decided to launch on WarzoneCPA Battleground! We all dressed up like the ever famous little green Star Wars character, in his famous robes, lightsaber, and greenery. We used the force to throw off our wise tactics and strategic forms. May the Force be with you, Rebels!

Max: 22

Avg: 19

Be sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you attended our event!

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Hey there Rebels! Today we logged on to IcebreakerCPA Battleground for our AUSIA event, Operation: Greetings, Earthlings! We dressed up as aliens and did some out of this world tactics and astronomically amazing forms around the island! Great job at today’s event, Rebels! 

MAX: 14

AVG: 13

Don’t forget to comment your Discord name and rank below if you attended today’s event!

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Troop Of The Week #248

Troop of the Week #248

As we wrap up another week and inch closer to summer, the time to crown a new TOTW has finally come. Lots of troops have shown their potential this week, but we have to pick one special person to bestow this honour upon, and that special person is…

This week’s Troop Of The Week is none other than Ellie02! Standing at the rank of Sergeant, they joined our community on November 27th of 2021 and have been a friendly face ever since! Due to their amiable presence in main chat and at events, it was appropriate choice to pick Ellie02 as this week’s Troop Of The Week!

Make sure to congratulate Ellie when you see them in chat!


Vrooom! Today we got our engines revved up for a rad biker gang event on Ice Breaker – CPAB. Riding our motorcycles and wearing some slick leather fits, we performed some rockin tactics and revvinforms that’s sure to be the talk of the town. Awesome work today, rebels!

MAX: 12

AVG: 11

Be sure to comment below with your Discord Name and Rank if you attended!

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It’s not easy doing hot penguin stuff, so we logged on to Ice Breaker  CPAB as firefighters to turn down the heat for a little while. As usual, the rebels set the rooms alight with their crystal clear formations and rippling tactics. Great job, rebels!

MAX: 17

AVG: 16

Make sure to comment your Discord name and rank below!

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Operation: It’s Hula Time [AUSIA]

Hey there, rebels! This event, we dressed up in our grass skirts on CPA Battleground at Warzone – Town. Cute formations were seen with quick and flowy tactics, followed by a game session of Trivia! Many questions were answered and perhaps some braincells were lost, but there could only be one winner taking the role of Quizmaster,

The winner is…

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Heya, rebels! Today, we clawed our way to Ice Breaker – Town for our dragon themed EU event! We showed off some fiery formations with clawsome tactics wearing some hot dragon costumes! Fangtastic work, Rebels!

MAX: 17
AVG: 16

Don’t forget to comment below with your name and rank if you attended!

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Hey, Rebels! Welcome back to another event post. Today, we logged onto Klondike – Town for our US event. We showed off our amazing formations and tactics as always, as well as played some fun games of red light green light.

MAX: 17
Be sure to comment your NAME and RANK below if you attended!
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All you need is FAITH, TRUST, and a little PIXIE DUST. We logged onto KLONDIKECPAB wearing a TINKERBELL OUTFIT for a magical event! We flew our way throughout the island with our tinkering tactics and feisty formations

MAX: 24

AVG: 23

Don’t forget to comment below with your Discord name and rank if you attended! 

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