What’s quackalackin’ Rebels! Today for our AUSIA event, we logged onto Ice Breaker – CPAB to kick off summer with a splash! We put on our duck floaties and swam across the island, practicing our synchronized formations and quacking tactics. We really quacked ourselves up! Good job Rebels!

MAX: 14

AVG: 13

Thank you for attending folks! Make sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank below!

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Operation: [gay panic] [EU]

Heya Rebels! For today, we stopped right at Warzone for a fun Heartstopper themed event in the spirit of Pride Month! We all dressed up after the iconic characters in the popular Netflix and Webtoon series! Everyone explored the island with our expressive tactics and prideful forms! Sweet job today High Schoolers!

Max: 16

Avg: 16

Be sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you attended our event!

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The Day in the Life column is back with our sixth edition! In this edition, we’ll get an inside look to the daily life of one of our Colonels, a former HCOM who is still around the server as another Colonel, and our very own Brigadier General! Time to dive right in and take a peep at what their schedules, both RPF-related and beyond, consists of for their everyday lives!

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Hi there Rebels! Today we hopped onto Klondike – CPAB to present our outfits themed around our favorite minigames! We launched ourselves into some adventurous formations and rounded up some great tactics. Great job, Rebels!

MAX: 21

AVG: 20

Make sure to comment your Discord name and rank!

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Heyo, Rebels! Today we logged onto Klondike – Town on CPAB dressed up as our current or dream job for a fun and busy career day. There were occupations of all sorts and we were all very hard working. Our job description included performing clean tactics and fast forms, and that we did! Good job today, Rebels!

MAX: 20

AVG: 19

Make sure to comment your Discord name and rank!

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