Happy Tuesday, Rebels! To kick off our week of events, we logged onto Ice Breaker – CPAB for Operation: Booo-rific Rebels. Rebels wore the ghost costume while going around the island doing formations and tactics for a successful event!

MAX: 13
AVG: 13

Make sure to comment your NAME and RANK below if you attended!

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This week marks the eighty-sixth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Yvng, Emerald, Guinz, and imatsoup) asks two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have the same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked to give us a better understanding of each troop and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of members here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it won’t be easy to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The three interviews for this week are Jomote, Cy, and Pepa.
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Operation: Christmas in July [AUSIA]

Hey there, Rebels! VCled training events are not unheard of, but what is unheard of is CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Going full swing into the festive mood five months early, rebels dressed up in their Christmas outfits, we saw reindeer, Santa, elves, Mrs Claus and even Christmas trees around Klondike CPA Battleground! Colourful tactics and festive formations definitely spread the festive mood around this event!

MAX: 19

AVG: 19

Remember to comment your Discord Name and Rank below!

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On July 17th of 2022, as soon as the CPA Map Server Draft was completed, the Templars of Club Penguin declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation on grounds of rejecting requests for practice battles as well as allegations against staff members of Club Penguin Legacy, a CPPS RPF has been using.

As soon as the war declaration was dropped, Xing accepted servers from the Red Ravagers.  However, this immediately breaks the 1st rule of their war declaration stating “No server transfers”.

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What’s up Rebels? Today for our EU event, we hopped onto Ice Breaker-CPAB for a super cool time with our varsity looks! Wearing our varsity jackets, we kicked off this event by running across the field shouting some awesome tactics and practiced our awesome formations with the crowd cheering for us! Good game Rebels! 

MAX: 23

AVG: 22

Don’t forget to comment your varsity Discord Name and Rank if you attended this cool event folks!

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Salute, Rebels! Today we dressed up in our finest suits and logged onto CPAB Ice Breaker for a friendly practice battle with our dear allies Ice Warriors. We looked quite dashing in our formations as we vocalized some elegant tactics. Well done, Rebels!

MAX: 17

AVG: 16 

Do not forget to leave your coat and a comment with your Discord name and rank below if you attended this battle!

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For today’s AUSIA event, we logged onto Blizzard-Town on CPL for a paparazzi event! Wearing our cameras on our necks, we focused on practicing our tactics and snapped a couple of good shots of some of our nifty formations. Good work today Rebels!

MAX: 17


Don’t forget to comment your Discord Name and Rank if you attended today!

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Hey, Rebels! For today’s US event, we logged onto Blizzard – CPLegacy for Operation: Royal Robes. We went around the island wearing our most royal king and queen outfits while doing formations and tactics for a successful event.

MAX: 18
AVG: 17

Be sure to comment your NAME and RANK below if you attended!

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