Hello there everyone!

Its that time of the week again! Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?

Troop of the Week #58

Howdy Rebels!

This week’s Troop of the Week has arrived.

This person has been chosen because they are always very active, both in chat and via attending events. They are also a general joy to be around, helping others, being friendly and being an amazing asset to our community. This troop has been deserving of this role for a long stretch of time, making us so happy to circulate it.

Without further ado, I am overjoyed to announce that this week’s Troop of the Week is…

Access Report Tournament! [AUSIA]

Greetings, Rebels!

Today we conducted a fabulous tournament of in today’s community voted game day. We had some really good scores coming out from many of the Rebels today, but the top 3 positions were victorious to earn the prize. Thank you for attending today’s event and also be sure to comment if you attended!

Now onto the winners…

Access Report