Town Of Salem [EU]

Hey there RF,

Today we hosted 2 rounds on Town of Salem and had a fantastic time and some great games.
Thanks to all who attended and be sure to comment below if you did.

MAX: 20+

Congratulations to Pika for winning round 1 as Arsonist
Congratulations to Cosmo and Trackling for winning as Mafia and Liz for winning as Executioner during round 2

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Town of Salem! [AUSIA]

Greetings, RF!

Today, we conducted 2 amazing Town of Salem rounds and had an absolute blast of a time! Thank you to those who attended the event!

Max: 20+

Congrats to the winners:
Round 1: Plane, BScharbach, Jake, Queeniealex as Mafia
Round 2: Wadu and Squid as Serial Killers

Comment with your name and rank down below if you’ve attended

Round 1

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Free game night! [AUSIA]

Hello, RF!

Today, we conducted a free game night where we allow anyone in RF to host a game of their choice! The event went well as everyone had enjoyed playing the various games that were hosted, such as Town of Salem, Critical Ops,, and ROBLOX. Thank you to those who attended!

Comment with your name and rank if you’ve attended!

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Comment For Promotion

Hello everyone!

That’s right, its back. Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?