With the Smoothie Smash just being released, we have a guide to show you how to unlock all 16 stamps!

First, go to the Stadium and go into the top right booth!

There are two modes in the game: Normal, and Survival.

This is the bar during Normal Mode. notice the Counter for correctly smashed fruit, and the recipe list to the left.

In Normal Mode, you are placed in a timed game, but you can increase the time by collecting clocks. Your goal is to follow the correct recipe for the customer and smash the fruit in the right order!

This is the bar during Survival Mode. There is only a scoreboard, and your current health.

In Survival Mode, you are in an unlimited game. You have a bar of health, and smashing fruit heals you! Make sure to avoid anvils and bombs!

In Smoothie Smash, there are 16 stamps to collect.

4 Easy Stamps, 4 Medium Stamps, 4 Hard Stamps, and 4 Extreme Stamps!

For this guide, we will divide them by category instead of difficulty!

Cameo Stamps:

Shipshake: Serve Rockhopper

Berry Smart: Serve Aunt Arctic

Beary Berry: Serve Herbert

Recipe Stamps:

Fruit Squeeze: Complete 5 Recipes in 1 game

Tasty Treat: Complete 10 Recipes in 1 game

Energizer: Complete 20 Recipes in 1 game

Smoothie Zing: Complete 30 Recipes in 1 game

Streak Stamps:

Fruit Splatter: Smash 10 correct fruit in a row

Fruit Stomper: Smash 20 correct fruit in a row

Fruit Smasher: Smash 50 correct fruit in a row

Time Stamps:

Fruit Power: Last 2 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Warrior: Last 4 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Master: Last 8 minutes in Survival Mode

Survival Stamps:

Deflector: Take no damage for 2 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Survivor: Take no damage for 3 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Hero: Take no damage for 4 minutes in Survival Mode

Tips and Tricks:

For the most part, these stamps require skill more than information, so you’ve got some work to do!

The Mascots come in by chance, and you’re likely to get them within a few rounds of Normal Mode.

As for the Recipe, Streak, Time, and Survival stamps,  repetition and knowing your way around the obstacles will help!

• By pressing the up arrow, you have a suspended animation in the air. If you time it well with a jump off of a fruit, you can get a pretty high jump! This is key for getting time to smash the right fruit or avoid jumping obstacles.

• There are obstacles that can be in two states: Bombs and Anvils. They can either be bouncing or on the ground. However, an anvil only deals damage if you land on it; if the anvil is bouncing and you jump into it or through it, it will not deal damage. Watch out for Bombs though!

• Fruit typically loads from the right side in order, with the only differences being a small gap or two of the same fruit in a row.

That’s all for now! Best of luck on collecting the 16 stamps in Smoothie Smash! 





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