Hola rebels!

Today we logged onto Blizzard for Operation: Cassie! We had loads of fun dressed up in an array of instruments and rocking the island, while performing some beautiful tactics! Good job to whoever attended!

Max: 55+

Average: 55

Comment with your name and rank below if you attended!

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Troop of the Week #91

Troop of the Week #91

This week has been a great week, for the Rebel Federation, with successful events for all regions! We’ve had lots of new recruits joining, so a big thank you to all those who recruit, we do notice! Choosing the Troop of the Week is always a hard task and we were definitely stuck on who to give it to. After much deliberation and consideration we have managed to choose one troop. This week’s troop of the week is… Access Report


Hi there, Rebels!

For today’s EU event, we logged onto Zipline. We wore our RF uniforms and spread the word and the good fight of Rebel Federation across the island with our incredible tactics! Great job to every rebel that showed up today!

MAX: 50+

Don’t forget to comment below with your name and rank to say you attended!

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Hey Rebels!

For today’s EU event, we logged onto Sleet and went incognito. While wearing our normal penguin clothes, we showed off our amazing tactics and forms. Mid-way through, we surprised the islanders by changing into our RF uniform. Showing them that we were none other than the Rebel Federation! Fantastic job for every rebel that came!

Comment your Discord name and rank to let us know you attended!

MAX: 40+

AVG: 35

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Today we logged onto Sleet for the US event! Everyone wore the new camera item from the catalog and took snapshots around the island while performing tactics and formations! Great job to everyone who came!

Leave a comment below with your name and rank if you attended!

MAX: 60+


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