Operation: Colour Splash [EU]

Hey there, RF!

Today, we logged on to Sleet for our EU event, Operation: Colour Splash! We wore all kinds of different colors and showed off our awesome tactics and formations! Great job today, Rebels!

Don’t forget to comment your Discord name and rank if you attended today’s event!

MAX: 50+



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Hey there, Rebels!

Today we logged on to Sleet for our US event – Operation: Ahoy Matey! Everyone had a blast showing off our pirate gear and exploring the Seven Seas of CPR! Arr, awesome job mateys! 

Don’t forget to comment below with your name and rank if you attended today’s event! 

MAX: 45+

AVG: 40

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Hey Rebels!

Today we logged onto Blizzard for Operation: Shell Yeah! We performed some great formations and tactics around the island, very well done to everyone who attended!

MAX: 25+
AVG: 24

Comment with your Discord name and rank below if you attended!

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Division Recap


10th June’19 – 16th June’19

Greetings Rebels,

I am back again with last week’s division recap! Last week we rocked Project: Rise of AUSIA Anniversary, great job everyone! Read on to look at the highlights: Access Report

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Greetings rebels!

Today marked the anniversary of the biggest AUSIA event in CPA history, leading us to try to break past the limit once again. Although we didn’t manage to break 80+, we certainly did the RF proud and showed club penguin what the rebel federation is about; unity, by holding the second largest AUSIA event in CPA history. It lasted almost 50 minutes long and we managed to maintain our sized throughout this event. Good job to everyone who attended!

MAX: 65+

AVG: 62

Comment with your name and rank below if you attended.

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Operation: Bring It On [EU/US]

Hey there, Rebels!

Today, we logged onto Zipline for our special EU/US branch battle, Operation: Bring It On! The Air Force and the Navy both wore the cheerleading uniforms from the stage catalog and showed off some awesome tactics and formations on both sides. But, there can be only one winner…

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