Project: Rise of AUSIA Anniversary

Operation: Invasion of Abominable [AUSIA]

Objective: Celebrate the Rise of AUSIA anniversary in the black admiral jacket and reach our goal.

Start Times: -5 pm YEKT/ORAT/PKT, 5:30 pm IST, 6pm ALMT, 7 pm KRAT/ICT, 8 pm HKT, 9 pm YAKT/WIT, 9:30 pm ACST, 10 pm AEST/VLAT, 11 pm AEDT/SRET, 1 pm BST, 2 pm CEST, 8 am EST/EDT, 4 pm GST, 7 am EDT/AMT/BOT/CDT, 9 am ADT/BRT/ART

Operation: TBA [EU/US]

Monday: Break Day
Tuesday: AUSIA & US
Wednesday: EU
Thursday: EU
Friday: AUSIA & US
Saturday: AUSIA & EU/US
Sunday: AUSIA & EU/US

You can also check for event timings by doing “!region-timer” for your respected regions, for example, !ausia-timer

To attend an event, it is important that you’re in our Discord server to receive orders – join by clicking here!

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