Troop Of The Week #95

Troop of the Week #95

It’s been a fantastic week for the Rebel Federation, with great events for all regions! We’ve had an surge of new members joining, so a huge thank you to everyone who’s been recruiting, and a welcome to our newest Rebels! Deciding the Troop of the Week is always a difficult task and it took a lot of discussion. However, there was one troop who really stood out to us. This week’s troop of the week is…

RoyallySuperb has only been in the Rebel Federation for a month but in that small time has made an electrifying impression within the community. She can always be in chat, talking and integrating in our community and just generally being a friendly, helpful troop. She is active, which shows by her attendance and even recruits in her spare time, allowing our community to expand! Congratulations RoyallySuperb!


Hello Rebels!

Today we logged on to Sleet for our US event, Operation: Anonymoose. We wore the Zeus the Moose headpiece and moseyed around the island with some fun tactics and formations. Make sure to comment with your discord name and rank if you attended!



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Greetings rebels!

It’s time for this month’s Better Igloos catalog, June 2019. Along with all the secrets from the new additions from the catalog, I will show you the secrets which are still available from previous updates. Read on to find out:

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Heya Rebels!

Well done to all who turned up to the AUSIA Hide and Seek event today! The cunning seekers who found the leaders first were awarded prizes, and everyone made it a great event!

Max: 25+

Ave: 24

If you attended, make sure to comment your discord name and rank below:

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Operation: Rebel Spirit [EU]

Hey there, RF!

Today, we logged on to Beanie to spread the word of the good fight across the island! We also practiced some awesome tactics and formations while doing so! Amazing job, Rebels!

Don’t forget to comment below with your Discord name and rank if you attended today’s event!

Max: 45+

Average: 42

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Hey Rebels!

Today we logged onto Ascent for our US event, Operation: M.O.A.B! Our objective was to show off and practice tactics across the island, and it was a BLAST! Great job today, and always remember to fight the good fight!

Comment below with your discord name and rank if you attended!

Max: 30+

Average: 27

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