Town of Salem [Ausia]

For today’s ausia we played Town of Salem
Now to the winners:-

Round 1 winners:- Eisencharger, Jason, Peaky, AcutePuffle and Plane

Round 2 winners:-  Eisencharger and Vishal72002

As always, comment with your name and rank if you attended!
Happy Gaming!

~Cosmo, RF Rebel Lieutenant.

Halloween Server Icon Contest

Greetings Rebels!

The contest team and I are excited to announce that today marks the start of another RNM contest!

This is a contest based around art! Rebels will be competing to create the best icon for our discord server! Our top three entries will receive prizes!

Starting Today, you will be given one week to submit an image that you made yourself, and then you will have to wait one week for us to judge your images. The theme for this contest is Halloween!  Access Report


Hello there everyone!

Its that time of the week again! Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?