Operation: Resurgence [RESULTS]

Greetings Rebels

It’s me Mishka, back again with another AUSIA event post. Today we logged on to marshmallow for our AUSIA event, Operation: Resurgence. For this operation, we attempted to reach a goal of 30+ rebels. Our tactics were fast and clean while our formations were quickly executed and precise. Awesome work at the event today guys!

MAX: 25+



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Hello RF!

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Operation: Pizza mania! [Results]

Greetings, RF!

It’s ya man, TheNightma3e, back at it again with another quality post! Guess the Pizza Bois are nothing when compared to the power of our cheeziness as we swiftly went across the island spreading the goodness of the pizza spirit! Our formations and tactics we’re absolutely brilliant and so was the overall event. Good work to those who attended!

Max: 25+

Comment with your name and rank if you attended!

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Operation: Multiply [Results]

Hey there, rebels!

Yo, it’s #klein here with another event! We logged onto the CPR server BLANK tonight. Our goal was to go around the island and get recruits! Throughout the event, we did so and performed many recruiting tactics. We even got a new recruit! Despite our small sizes, our formations and tactics were executed well! We almost hit 20, despite some technical difficulties (servers restarting)!!

Comment with your name and rank if you attended!

Max: 19+

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Operation: Final Scare [AUSIA]


Today we wore Halloween costumes for the AUSIA event on the server Marshmallow! We performed several formations and tactics and recruited penguins across the island. Objective: Celebrate one last time with the spirit of Halloween! Our Objective was met!

MAX: 25+

Avg: 22

Comment with your Discord Name and Rank if you attended

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Hoi Guys

Today we logged on onto Sleet for Operation:Trick or Treat.The objective for this event was   to go around the island with our favourite Halloween costume and spook other penguins and  our objective was met


Comment with ur name and rank down below if u attended the event!

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