Rebel Spirit Week in Rewind

As we enter autumn, troops are heading back to school, some back to work, and some with packed schedules. The inevitable “September Drop” is no mystery to armies in this day and age. But the Rebel Penguin Federation continues to prevail, as we find new ways to make this community stronger than it was yesterday. The Party Planning Committee came together in August to devise this plan of fun events, interactive activities, and memories that will last a life time. I present to you:

Day 1: Rebel Broadway Day

To kick off the week, the Party Planning Committee hosted a special talent show. All rebels were welcome to sign up and showcase their skills to the audience. From karaoke and original song writing, to amazing artwork, to sick digital beats, even Minecraft speed building, rebels confidently demonstrated their spectacular talents. With over 30 participants, we got the chance to experience great talent from our peers. Here’s a list of all those who participated:

Even though this was a competition, main chat flooded with positive vibes. Everyone was supporting and hyping up each other’s talents, it almost brought a tear to my eye. All participants did great, but there could only be 3 winners:

Congratulations to Strangeyef for winning the Rebel Talent Show! And hats off to all those who participated in this event.

Day 2: Twin Day

On Twin Tuesday, rebels were encouraged to match with a friend or two! Matching profile pictures and names, and even similar uniform items in game. Our AUSIA event hit sizes up to 56 rebels online. Followed by our US event that reached 69 members in game. Here are some highlights from those events:

Day 3: Disney Day

What a magical day Wednesday was! We kicked off with a Magical Myriad event that reached up to 69 rebels online, wearing our favorite Disney costumes. On top of that, over 50 of us all spent the evening watching Mulan in Cinema 13 voice chat (hopefully everyone had enough of those EO popcorns).  Certainly brought honor to us all!

Day 4: Meme Day

Thursday was truly a day for jokesters and vine lovers, everyone sported their favorite meme profile picture and username in chat. On top of celebrating, rebels tried their best to match their profile pictures with their outfits in game. We reached a high of 56 at this pogger event, what was your favorite meme tactic?

Day 5: Sports Day

Calling all the athletes: Friday was for you! Rebels sported their favorite athlete or preferred activity in their profile pictures and usernames, while also actively participating in our AUSIA and US events. AUSIA reaching a high of 41 cheerleaders online, while US hit 55 soccer stars in game.

Day 6: Battle Day

A week’s worth of hype for a huge homecoming battle against our brother ally, the Ice Warriors. The themed events throughout the week were good practice for our epic battle against IW. With 95 troops online fighting the good fight, we emerged victorious over our allies. In response, our staff hosted Rebel Cash, Nitro and Custom Role giveaways to honor the victory. Great job to both the rebels and IW!

Day 7: The Good Fight Gala

The day we were all waiting for! Our outer space themed Gala was finally here. We kicked off with an AUSIA popcorn event maxing 40. Now that everyone was hyped, The Good Fight Gala started off with a few tactics, at a max of 74. People were hanging out in vc playing music, participating in Brenatto’s epic kahoot, and voting on the Gala superlatives. Even our Talent Show winners from last Monday were in vc ready to perform again for the audience! If you missed the awards and want to see who won, click here.

All in all, rebels enjoyed their time throughout Spirit Week. Laughter and memories shared together; everyone had a great time along the way. Will this set the precedent for special events? Will we see more of these themed weeks in the fall and winter? Stay tuned! Fight the good fight rebels.

Special thanks to: Party Planning Committee for putting this together, the Ice Warriors for the well fought battle, Superhero123 for the space themed rooms, and Koloway for the awesome graphics.

~Crazzy, Rebel Commander


how do i work this thing


  1. i would in fact consider my epic kahoot a pogger event

  2. rebel spirit week: definitely an epic gamer moment
    hoping for more poggers events and less epic bruh moments

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