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Hey Rebels!

Today we’ve uncovered the most secretive secrets of the April gift shop catalogue!

Read on to find out:

Page 1

The first page has 3 secrets:

Click 1 to find a cute Flower Hat.

To find this Flower Basket, click 2.

Click 3 to find the White Cocoa Bunny Costume.

Page 2

Page 2 has 4 secrets:

Click 1 to find a Brown Striped Fedora.

Click 2 to find a Green Recycle Shirt.

Click 3 to find The Lavish, a new secret hairstyle.

Finally, click 4 to find a special Green Hard Hat.

Page 3

Page 3 contains 3 secrets:

Secret 1 is a Star Necklace.

Click 2 to find a stylish Curly Moustache.

And then click 3 to find the classic Water Wings.

Page 4

The fourth page this month has 4 secrets!

Click 1 to find a Patty’s Hat.

Click 2 to get yourself a Pot O’ Gold!

Click 3 to find three new items; a Green Fedora, a Green Zippered Hoodie, and a Clover Basket.

And lastly, click 4 to find a Green Bowtie.

Page 5

The fifth page in the catalogue has 2 secrets.

Click 1 to find a Blue Turtleneck sweater.

And secondly, click 2 to find the traditional Viking Helmet. As always, click 3 times to find the Blue Viking Helmet!

Page 6

The 6th page of the catalogue has three secrets.

Get the 3D Glasses by clicking the 1 marked above.

Click 2 to find the Bunny Slippers!

Click 3 to find “The Dizzy”!

Page 7

The 7th page has 4 secrets.

Get the Life Jacket by clicking on the white sandal, as marked in the picture

Get the Blue Board Shorts by clicking on the right strap on the blue penguin.

Get the Wavecatcher by clicking on the purple hair bobble on the peach penguin.

Get the Brown Sandals by clicking on the bubbles in the sea, as shown in the picture.

Page 8

The 8th page has 3 secrets

Get the Purple Flippers by clicking on the gauge, as marked in the picture.

You can get the Purple Wetsuit by clicking on the top of the scuba tank, as shown in the picture.

You can get the Pink Snorkel  by clicking on the bubble marked in the picture.

Page 9

The 9th page of the catalogue has three secrets.

To get the Viking Helmet click on the glasses as shown in the picture.

To get The Brunette click on the ‘h’ in ‘each’

Get the Red Sneakers by clicking on the smiley face in the tie that is boxed.

Page 10

The 7th page in the clothing section has four secrets

Get the Starlit Sombero by clicking the pink flower marked in the red square

Get the Blue Toreo by clicking the pink flower marked in the 2nd red square

Get the Fiesta Dress by clicking the triangle on the brown penguin’s sombero, as marked in the picture

Get the Saturated Poncho by clicking the second chillie in the right side of the page

Page 11

The 11th page of the catalogue hides 4 secrets

Click on the first tassle of the yellow scarf to obtain the spikette hairdo:

Click the circles on the blue sneakers to get spikester cuffs:

Click on the last key of the green keytar to get Spikester Threads

Click on the laces of the purple shoes to get The Flitter Flutter hairdo:

Page 12

The 12th page of the catalogue hides two secrets:

Click on the dock in the background of the right page to obtain Pink Sneakers:

Click on the hyphen in “T-Shirts” to obtain the golden wristwatch:

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  1. hey just one thing you missed, is the white bunny ears to go with the white costume, its on the blue hoodie guy right rand 🙂 – damo

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