Club Penguin Rewritten February 2019 Igloo Catalog Secrets

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Hey Rebels!

the igloo catalog has just been updated, so there are loads of new secret items to be found! Keep reading to find out where they are.

Page 1

The first page in the catalog has 4 secrets.

Get the Treasure Chest by clicking on the hole in the middle of the Sunken Wall

To get the Hanging Moss click on the edge of the Sunken Pillar as shown in the picture

Find the Crystals by clicking on the bottom right of the Ancient Archway, as shown in the picture.

Get the Sea Weed by clicking on the moss marked on the Tidal Pools

Page 2

The second page has 3 secrets.

Get the Clam by clicking on the red stripe on the Life Ring, as marked in the picture

Unlock the Bamboo Torch by clicking on the handle on the Inflatable Whale

Get the Sea Streamers by clicking on the right leg of the Folding Chair

Page 3

The third page has 4 secrets.

Get the Spiral Coffee Tree by clicking on the handle on the top drawer of the Log Drawers

Find the Coffee Table by clicking on the coin underneath the words Wooden Crate

To get the Coffee Couch click the branch on the far right of the Log Bench

Get the HD TV by clicking on the Log Stump as marked in the picture.

Page 4

On the fourth page there are 4 secrets.

The first secret can be found by clicking on the leg of the black couch. You’ll then be able to purchase the black bookcase.

Next, click on the leg of the black plus chair to find the second secret. Then, you can buy the black lamp!

The third secret is accessible by clicking on the leg of the white table. After you click that, you may buy the white lamp!

To get the last secret on this page you need to click on the letter “I” in the world “WHITE.” After that, you can buy the white bookcase.

Page 5

On the fifth page there are 3 secrets.

The first secret is found by clicking on the eye of the pinata. If you do so, you can get the mexican rug.

Next, click on the left flower on the mexican vase to buy the penguin mask!

Last for this page, click on the pot of the large cactus to buy the terracotta pot.

Page 6

On the sixth page there are 2 secrets.


First, click on the bottom right small section of the mirror to buy a dinner chair!

Then, for the second secret on this page you can click on the cabinet door handle to buy a dinner table!

Page 7

On the seventh page there are 2 secrets.

If you click on the holly berries you will be able to buy the Wood Stove

By clicking on the middle of the bow on the wreath you will be able to buy the Holiday Bells

Page 8

On page eight of the catalogue there are are 4 secret items!


If you click on the star on the Christmas Tree you can buy the Wooden Reindeer

You can buy a Leaning Tree if you click the middle tree on the base of the Small Christmas Tree

The third secret item on this page is a candle which can be found by clicking the bow on the middle present

By clicking on the light from the lantern you can buy the Door Garland

Page 9

On page nine there are 4 secrets.

If you click on the mistletoe you can find the Gingerbread Couch

By clicking on the Snowman’s button you can obtain the Gingerbread Chair

Clicking on the Bird’s eye will show you the Snowflake item

Lastly, by clicking on the red bow you can buy a Nutcracker

Page 10

On page ten there are 2 secret items.

By clicking on the Ninja Gate you can buy the Training Dummy

And by clicking on the Bonsai Tree you are shown the Ninja Cauldron

Page 11

On page 11 there is one hidden item!

By clicking on the Bamboo leaf, you can buy the Wall Clock

Page 12

On page 12 there are two secret items!

By clicking on the right leg of the red coffee table, you can get the Shiny Red Fridge

Clicking on the wall of the second shelf of the red bookcase will show you The Fireplace

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