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Greetings, Rebel Federation!

This time we will show you where to find the new secret items from the Better Igloos catalog of May 2019. The rest of the secret items still available from previous updates will also be shown! Read on to find out:

~ Page 1 ~

First off, there are four secrets on the first page.

Click on the left monitor of the right side of the desk, highlighted as ‘1’ to get the Short Spotlight:

Click the right hanging mount of the drums to get the Tall Spotlight:

On the head of the second guitar, click and you will find the Piano Bench:

For the last secret on this page, click the keys of the piano to find the Microphone:

~ Page 2 ~

The next page has 3 secret items located as shown:

Click the lens of the Laser Lights to find the Harp:

If you click the red button of the single flare, you can buy a Disco Ball:

To find the Musical Motif, click the highlighted box #3:

~ Page 3 ~

The last new page also contains 3 secret items.

If you click the bottom speaker of the Wall Speaker, you will find a Guitar Amp:

Click the second highlighted box to find the Stereo:

For the last secret item of this month’s igloo update, click the left blue Dance Floor tile to find an HD TV:

~ Page 4 ~

To begin, there are three secrets on page one.

Click the box labeled 1 to find a Waterfall Pond.

Click 2 to find a Hedge Tree.

And click the Sunset Flower on the left to find a Hanging Basket.

~ Page 5 ~

Page 2 has four secrets:

Click 1 to find… another Ficus Plant.

You can find the Ficus Plant as a regular item on page 1, we’re including it for completion’s sake!

Click 2 to find a Wheelbarrow:

And click 3 to find the regular HD TV… again.

Finally, for page 2, click 4 to find this Watering Can.

~ Page 6 ~

There are four secrets hidden on page 3:

Click 1 to find a snazzy Blue Rug.

Click on the leg marked on the Deck Chair to unlock the Blue Bench

Find the first red book on the second row of the bookshelf to find this Thin Ice Poster:

Lastly click on the middle orange book on the bottom row of the bookshelf to find this Astro Barrier Poster

~ Page 7 ~

The fourth page in the catalog has 2 secrets.

Click 1 to find a Clover Balloon.

Click 2 to find a Green Clover.

~ Page 8 ~

Page five in the catalog has 3 secrets.

Click 1 to find a Green Bench.

To find a Green Bookcase, click 2.

Click 3 to find a Green Deck Chair.

~ Page 9 ~

The sixth page in the catalog has 2 secrets.

To find a Marshmallow click 1.

Click 2 to find a sweet Candy Stash.

~ Page 10 ~

The seventh page in the catalog has 4 secrets.

Get the Treasure Chest by clicking on the hole in the middle of the Sunken Wall

To get the Hanging Moss click, on the edge of the Sunken Pillar as shown in the picture

Find the Crystals by clicking on the bottom right of the Ancient Archway, as shown in the picture.

Get the Sea Weed by clicking on the moss marked on the Tidal Pools

~ Page 11 ~

The 8th page has 3 secrets.

Get the Clam by clicking on the red stripe on the Life Ring, as marked in the picture

Unlock the Bamboo Torch by clicking on the handle on the Inflatable Whale

Get the Sea Streamers by clicking on the right leg of the Folding Chair

~ Page 12 ~

The ninth page has 4 secrets.

Get the Spiral Coffee Tree by clicking on the handle on the top drawer of the Log Drawers

Find the Coffee Table by clicking on the coin underneath the words Wooden Crate

Finally, get the Coffee Couch click, the branch on the far right of the Log Bench

That concludes this month’s Better Igloos Furniture Catalog.

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