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Greetings, Rebels!

This post will guide you the secret clothing items from the Penguin Style catalogue of June 2019!

Click ‘Access Report’ to find out where the secret items are located!

Page 1

On page 1 there are 4 hidden items:

Item 1: Click the blue penguins compass to find a Swashbuckler’s Hat:

Item 2: To get this fancy Swashbuckler’s Coat, click the gold coin labelled “2”:

Item 3: You can find a Telescope by clicking the green penguins hat:

Item 4: Gadzooks! You can click the button labelled “4” to find the Viking Helmet:

And if you click that button 5 times, you can find the super rare Blue Viking Helmet:

Page 2

On page 2 there are 7 secret items!

Item 1: If you click “1” you can find 4 items for the tan cowboy outfit:

Item 2: Click the top of the third candle to find a Commander’s Outfit:

Item 3: If you click the bottom of the 3 bow-ties on the middle penguins clothes, you can find a Commander’s Hat:

Item 4: Find and click “4” to find the Commander’s Boots:

Page 3

On page 3 there are 5 secrets:

Item 1: Click the pearl hair brooch to find the Black Cowboy Hat:

Item 2: Click the bubble labelled “2” to find a Black Cowboy Shirt

Item 3: Click the pearl labelled “3” to find the Cowgirl Hat:

Item 4: Find the clam shell on the bottom mermaid to find a Pink Cowgirl Shirt:

Item 5: Find the green scale on the mermaid outfit to find Black Cowboy Boots:

 Page 4

Click 1 to get the Electro T-Shirt

Click 2 to get the legendary Black Electric Guitar!

Click 3 to get the Sound Wave T-Shirt

Click 4 to get the mighty Black Cape!

Click 5 to get the Green Cape

Page 5

Click 1 to get the Orange Aviator Shades

Click 2 for the Snow Cone Ruffle Dress

Click 4 to find The Roll Bandana

Click 5 to find The Chilled

Page 6

Click 1 for the Cumberband Hat

Click 2 for the Fancy Tuxedo

Click 3 for a Red Bowtie

Click 4 for a Black Monocle

Click 5 for Black Dress Shoes

Page 7

The seventh page has 3 secrets:

Click 1 to find a cute Flower Hat.

To find this Flower Basket, click 2.

Click 3 to find the White Cocoa Bunny Costume.

Page 8

Page 8 has 4 secrets:

Click 1 to find a Brown Striped Fedora.

Click 2 to find a Green Recycle Shirt.

Click 3 to find The Lavish, a new secret hairstyle.

Finally, click 4 to find a special Green Hard Hat.

Page 9

Page 9 contains 3 secrets:

Secret 1 is a Star Necklace.

Click 2 to find a stylish Curly Moustache.

And then click 3 to find the classic Water Wings.

Page 10

The 10th page this month has 4 secrets!

Click 1 to find a Patty’s Hat.

Click 2 to get yourself a Pot O’ Gold!

Click 3 to find three new items; a Green Fedora, a Green Zippered Hoodie, and a Clover Basket.

And lastly, click 4 to find a Green Bowtie.

Page 11

The 11th page in the catalogue has 2 secrets.

Click 1 to find a Blue Turtleneck sweater.

And secondly, click 2 to find the traditional Viking Helmet. As always, click 3 times to find the Blue Viking Helmet!

Page 12

The 12th page of the catalogue has three secrets.

Get the 3D Glasses by clicking the 1 marked above.

Click 2 to find the Bunny Slippers!

Click 3 to find “The Dizzy”!

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  1. On the 7th page if you click the blue penguins right hand (the one on his waist) you get the ears for the white cocoa bunny

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