Club Penguin Rewritten Puffle Catalog Secrets

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Greetings Everybody!

This post will guide you to find all the secret furniture from the Puffle Catalog! To find this catalog, simply travel to the Plaza and enter the leftmost building, the Pet Shop, and you should be able to see an orange catalog at the bottom right corner of the room.

Our first page introduces us to some amusing Puffle toys. There is only one secret item on this page. It is located on the Salons Chair’s left arm top.

A wonderful Puffle Condo!

Next up are the Puffle houses. If you click Either of the Puffles’ face, you get 2 different colored houses.

A red and grey Puffle house! Perfect for any Puffle!

The next page doesn’t include any secret items. You can go ahead and skip that one.

The last page has a few more nice furniture items. There are 2 more secret items here.

You can now choose between a fish bowl or a whole aquarium, or even both!

That’s all there is to the Pet Furniture catalog!

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