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Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The amount of events you attended this week (From Sunday, March 17th)


  1. Name: Oliver9912
    Rank: First Class Private

  2. brownboy102

  3. Scythe
    Private First Class

  4. elexonck
    7 events

  5. JakeTheBird
    2 so far (4 tommorow, I will attend AUSIA + EU)

  6. TinandCopper
    2 or 3

  7. Chaos
    Brig Gen
    5 events

  8. Ice
    Private I attended 3 events this week miners operation igloo raid and branch war

  9. Oliver9912
    Rank: First Class Private
    Events: 5 (3 today)

  10. kellis
    2, (3 if you count tomorrows eu event)

  11. AFlyingSpider
    Master Sergeant

  12. Minimelon
    Lance Corporal

  13. Joseph/Josephd123
    Sergeant Major
    I attended all of the EU/US events this week!

  14. Name: Oliver9912
    Private First Class
    i attended 5 events and i attended 3 today

  15. xBrosGM
    Staff Sergeant
    3 or 4 events

  16. So whoever reads this will probably think “what the heck this guy hasn’t commented for a promo in like a year and a half…” and you’d be correct in thinking that, cuz I haven’t commented for a promo in like a year and a half. after a single week of being pretty active I’m probably not one of the most deserving troops of a promo, especially considering my uh, slightly long break in attendance… of a few months… but I’ve attended like 4 events this week and if my plans go right then tomorrow I’ll also attend both the EU and US events. That totals at 6, which I think is pretty good. I’ve also been chatting quite a bit more recently, and I believe that I do quite deserve a promo this week.
    PS, yeah I haven’t been promoted in over a year so I probably don’t actually deserve this… :sweatz:

    • Man things have changed since my last promo post huh, now you just put a few things there instead of writing a paragraph… Captain btw… :sweatzbutevenharderthanlasttime:

  17. Alina
    I’ve attended 4 events this week (and my sleep schedule hates me for it…LOL) but I have also talked in the Discord at least daily in order to boost my activity 🙂

  18. Ixythe
    Master Sergeant

  19. 1. shiftOlive
    2. Private
    3. 3 events (Igloo raids, Rebel Miners, Branch battle)

  20. Starship
    6 Events! 😀

  21. RipplingSapphire

    Staff Sergeant(CP Division Server)
    3 Events because the events were really late in my time

  22. Wolvesarecool

  23. Tunise/ nekohrine (Vasaris Miau in the branch battle)
    4 if I counted it correctly

  24. yung laydey
    lance corporal
    around 4 i think

  25. Blick2
    Private First Class
    4 events

  26. JT
    Brigadier General

  27. Name on CPR: ItzConvey
    Discord name: Steep#0001
    Rank: Recruit

    I plan to be at the U-Lead tomorrow as it will be my first time attending a event. 🙂

  28. Mindy4IsBack
    Major General

  29. BenTheGunn
    Private First class
    Attended 4 events

  30. DannZann
    Private First Class
    2 events (3 with tomorrow)
    Was a busy week, I’m sorry RF! Trying to show up more.

  31. Pinkoliv123
    Most events, though I forgot to put my rank down as Captain and said I was still a Lieutenant 😂

  32. miniapple
    5 events
    staff sergeant

  33. Robot
    Lieutenant General
    4 events

  34. Wolvesarecool
    6/7 events
    FTGF! 🙂

  35. Wolfy Daddy
    4 events

  36. Agent 73/51
    Staff sergeant
    I forget like 3-4

  37. Agent 73/51
    Staff sergeant
    I forget like 3-4 idk

  38. AquaticBurrito
    6 events

  39. Yuli
    Lance Corporal
    4-5 I think

  40. klance42069
    2 events
    (i’ve been so busy this week that i shevtne evan been home for events but i’m upping my game next week lol)

  41. Amadeus23
    3 events
    Lieutenant General

  42. name: objectshow rank : private first class events : 5

  43. Jsotyhead
    Private First Class

  44. Name: Alfie/ Sugarrush298
    Rank: Staff Sergeant *salutes*
    Events: All BUT 2.

  45. Meme Galaxy
    2 events since I started yesterday

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