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Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The number of events you attended this week (From Monday, June 3rd)
  4. Any other reasons you feel should be noted while considering your promotion


I'm Cassie! I joined on July 27, 2018. The time I've spent in RF has been some of the best time in my life. "Things don't exist until they exist." -John Mulaney


  1. Ninja82618
    Lol 0
    Send promos

  2. Ghosts
    Planning on attending an event tomorrow

  3. brattybottom
    attended about 3-4 events (dep on sunday)

  4. RoyallySuperb
    Staff Sergeant
    4 I’m pretty sure (but attending both tomorrow)

  5. Alfie/ Sugarrush298
    Brigadier General
    About XD 2 but it will be 4 by tomorrow.
    Tbh I don’t think I deserve one…

  6. Dugo1
    Sergeant Major
    5 or 6
    If i’m not in an event it’s only due to disponibility, not because i don’t want to. I always try my best

  7. mariana / witchkiki
    6 events
    i reached a new recruiting goal this week! it’s not much but i tried

  8. Mindy4IsBack
    been working hard

  9. VoidSquid
    Private First Class
    5 events

  10. Emcee
    5! 90% sure I’ll be at tomorrow’s at well so hopefully a total of 7.

  11. Elizabeth6133
    Private First class
    5 events (Since June 3rd)
    I think I should be promoted because I am active on the discord and I have attended many events (9).

  12. Pinkratgirl
    Brigadier General
    all US events (3) and then tomorrow’s US event, maybe AUSIAs as well

    Staff Sergeant
    4 events

  14. F6sixer
    Brigadier General
    7/8 events so far. Will attend both events tomorrow
    I have recruited 18 people this week and I’m active on main. I’ve also helped with mascot tracking and introducing new recruits to our server.

  15. Atomic
    All US & EU events from June 3rd

  16. PedroPT
    4/5 events

  17. Drpowk
    5 events
    Because I’m very active and I’m proud to be in the rebellion!

  18. Puinea Gig

  19. Navyguy
    All events attended so far. I’m planning on attending both events tomorrow. Always active on main, and looking to FTGF!

  20. 100% human
    Like 2-3
    Idk bcuz I want to be a colonel I guess

  21. Lightra (Mathaius)
    I think about 3… I made a mistake, because I always thought events are counted until the time the promo post is online, so actually until Saturday, so I did not comment last week, because I thought I dont deserve a promo… even if I attended 2 events on Sunday, but thought its gonna be here…
    Im usually at work in event times, so I can only attend mostly at the weekend

  22. Brother 🥖 (Vinzed N.)
    Only 2 events.
    I did my best to attend events, even though I was doing my finals (in school). I understand if you don’t promote me.

  23. 3.1416tudo
    3 I think
    I’m unable to attend every event because they’re always 4/5 am but I do my best to wake up and attend the event that i’m able to but it’s perfectly fine if I don’t get a promotion.

  24. Kathy123789
    Private First Class
    6 events (I think)

  25. Cemjohns02
    Recruit 🙁
    2 maybe 3

  26. Frost Aka Noob#7952

    Hi hi my name is Frost Aka Noob and my current rank is Private First Class , I don’t think I’ve attended any events because I’m too scared that I might fall asleep during the event hahah , the reason why I think I deserve a promotion is because I haven’t broken much rule except for the part where I said cockroach , I don’t know how it’s a bad word but yeah , I’m more active than last time and supported other Rebel Federation members .

  27. RipplingSapphire

    Sergeant Major
    4 this week

  28. Hi hi my name is Frost Aka Noob , my current rank is Private First Class and I don’t think I’ve attended any events because I’m scared that I might fall asleep hahah , the reason why I think I deserve a promotion is because I haven’t broken much rules except for the part where I said cockroach I don’t know how it’s a bad word but yeah , I’ve also been a little more active than last time and I’ve supported other Rebel Federation members .

  29. Lanzcp
    4 this week (I am attending the ausia event if this not counts so it will be 3)

  30. brotherQuack
    don’t deserve a promo but I ATTENDED MY FIRST AUSIA AND THAT MAKES ME HAPPY : D

  31. KablamoRyan
    1 but I also joined this Wednesday
    Don’t think I’ll get it, but I try to be as active as I can on both the servers and discord, even though I’m still in high school. Also I this community is pretty cool and want to help out anyway I can.

  32. IcyMammi
    5 events! But, planning to attend Sunday’s events.

  33. ACutePuffle
    3 events, but will attend Sunday’s AUSIA event

  34. BenTheGunn
    attended 3 events

  35. klance42069
    brigadier general
    attended 6 events (+Sunday’s AUSIA)
    I have gotten 14 recruits this week as well as trying to be as helpful as I can in chat generally.

  36. name: objectshow events: 6-7 role: major

  37. Kenny – Lance Corporal
    I attended 4 events this week (5 if I attend the ones that’s coming). I was busy, I promise to attend more on vacation 😉

  38. Sloaps
    Private First Class
    Attended 5-6(?) event this week
    I’ve been fairly active on discord and yehhh

  39. Hythonwolf
    Private first class
    1 (had to leave an ausia event 5 mins in so only “attended” 1 eu. Going to the branch battle later tho)
    good fight fighting forever

    Sergeant Major
    6 or 7

  41. Agent 73
    Sergeant Major
    1 + upcoming Sunday event

  42. Attended 2/3 events
    Recruited 10 people.
    VERY Active in chat(Had college so RIP AUSIA EVENTS)
    Basically REEEEEE i like promos

  43. abbyturtlegirl
    lance corporal
    3 (4 counting sunday’s event)

  44. yirtuji
    6 events
    pls promote

  45. Tunise/ nekohrine
    4 events

  46. Bolio


    i think 3 events

  47. dutske
    7 events

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