CP Division Server Emoji Contest [4/16/19]

Hey you beautiful people, it’s Cosmo, your favourite Lord. Here today with a brand new contest. I’m 10/10 sure that everyone will love this one 😉

So, let’s cut to the chase. This week, you get a chance to add your own emoji to the server.

To participate, you must send us a PNG format of your emoji, before the end of the week. The file must be HD and must have the premium feel to it.

Once you have your entry ready, DM (Direct Message) it to one of the people who are from the RNM CPR Column, they should have “DM CONTEST ENTRIES” as their nicknames.

The top three contestants get their emojis added to the server.

A few rules that everyone must keep in their minds:-

– Double entries are not allowed. Each person is only allowed to submit one emoji as an entry
– If someone else has submitted the same emoji as yours, then only the one submitted first will be included in the competition. If this happens we will inform you and you may enter another.
– Your emoji file must be in PNG format otherwise we cannot add it to the server – if you’re not sure how to do this ask a member of the Contest Team.
– All emoji entries must be appropriate for a Club Penguin related server.
– Have an epic time taking part in this contest! 😀

Good luck to all of those who are going to participate. May the best win!

Sincerely, The RNM CPR Team.


"Cheese has to be earned, just like memes" ~ Unknown (Probs me xd)

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