Hola Rebels!

Today, I am very excited to announce that the Contest Team is embarking on another RNM contest! This contest is perfect for everyone-even if you don’t feel art is your strong point. It is, of course,  an IGLOO CONTEST.

The only rule to enter the contest is that you must be a member of the Rebel Federation and (we recommend) in the CP Division. If you’re not a member of the RF already, please click here to join!

If you are familiar with our igloo contests, you may know that they usually have a theme to them. However, there is no particular theme to this one, so let your creativity run wild! For this contest, the igloo that you submit will be based on 3 main topics: 

* Originality

* Creativity


For this contest, you may only use either Club Penguin Rewritten or Club Penguin Oasis. If you have not created a Club Penguin Rewritten account yet, click here to do so. Click here to register for Penguin Oasis. Once you have designed your igloo, it’s time to submit your entry! You can do so by submitting to me (weebwad) as to keep the voting anonymous! Once you have added the finishing touches on your submission, take a screenshot of it and upload your submission to a photo sharing website such as Imgur or LightShot. Once you have uploaded your entry, go to Discord and send weebwad your submission.

1st Place – 5,000 Rebel Cash 

2nd Place – 2,000 Rebel Cash

3rd Place – 1,000 Rebel Cash


If you have any questions about this contest, please contact any member of the contest team (cassie, 1337Mishka, BobTheBleach, weebwad)!

-Weebwad (contest editor)

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