History with Silverburg #2 – The Erased and The Rewritten

Hey Rebels!

I am back with another installment of “History with Silverburg”. If this is your first time seeing a post like this, here’s what I do. Every week I cover a certain point or time in RF/RPF history so that you, the people currently in the army, can learn about it and gain a perspective on how this army used to be. History is important, and the history of this army is very rich and entertaining. At the same time though, there are some periods of history that are quite dark, and this is also true for the RPF. However, though darkness thrives in these voids of history, they always yield to purify the light. There was no better time this was proven then the period I am about to document; a period where the RPF lost everything, yet gained it back. This is the story of Club Penguin’s shutdown, and how RPF rose from the ashes.

I remember the night I figured out Club Penguin was shutting down. It was November 2016 and I had just woken up from a nap. I logged on to the old RPF chat where there were 2 or 3 people on who were all AFK, which was pretty typical for 8 PM PST on a school night. This was when I got a message from my friend, Freezie, asking if I had heard the news. He went on to tell me about how Club Penguin had announced it was shutting down in March 2017. That meant that armies, as well as the RPF, seemed to only have four months of life left. This news didn’t really shock me, I knew Club Penguin had basically destroyed itself as a game after years of decline. I just really didn’t want it to happen, because I knew that would leave the RPF at a dilemma, and we’d probably end up dying. It was a call that would have to be made by the two figureheads of the army at the time, who were myself and Elmikey. Something we did have was time, which we made sure we’d use to our advantage, both to procrastinate and to plot what we’d do with the army. We had our final Christmas Chaos on Club Penguin and headed into the new year at war with the Army of Club Penguin, a war which wouldn’t last too long. Eventually, all of the leaders who would join due to the momentum that the Winter break would bring retired, and Elmikey would promote Junie to leader.


RPF in December 2016

During the period between January-March 2017 while Junie led, we’d experiment with ways to attempt to survive past Club Penguin. We’d have several events on a CPPS called CPPS.me, and while they were fun they weren’t really that sustainable. In around late February to early March, Elmikey and I came to a conclusion, and it was the same logical conclusion that every other army came to. We were going to be shutting the Rebel Penguin Federation down on March 29th 2017, and we were sure it was the right decision to make. We announced it to the very few people remaining in the RPF, but when I announced it to them, I really felt weird. I could see that they were sad, this army was something that we all loved so much. I was really sad too, so I decided I’d come to a different conclusion. Not a logical conclusion, but an emotional conclusion. Logically, a Club Penguin army cannot survive without Club Penguin. My emotional conclusion was to give a big middle finger to that idea, the entire army community and Club Penguin itself. Who the hell cares if Club Penguin is gone, and who cares that the other armies are shutting down. RPF will live, and we will rise. 

We had our final event on Club Penguin, where we would do fantastic. At the end of the event, that was where I dropped the bombshell.



Pure idealism, every word of that. I had no idea what RPF was going to do, what CPPS we were going to move to, or what games we were gonna play. All I knew is one thing, RPF had to stay alive. For people like Elmikey and Junie who led the RPF through tough times when nobody else was willing to. For troops like Popsiclebeak, Missmariss, RPF Cat, everyone who stuck by RPF no matter what. They cared, I cared, and we all stepped into the darkness together. On the morning after Club Penguin shut down, Elmikey and I were the only people on the chat, and he messaged me saying “let’s get to work”. We had our first event on CPPS.me, which was a Navy vs Air Force battle. We did manage to make it super fun, but it wasn’t something we could do forever because CPPS.me was a dying platform. The Club Penguin community had to move somewhere though, and they sure as hell weren’t gonna move to a dumb mobile game like CP Island. That’s when I discovered that Club Penguin Rewritten had begun to blow up, which was a CPPS I had used in February 2017. That was looking like our best bet, so we ended up moving to CP Rewritten. After a day, we had our first event, and the results spoke for themselves.


After this event, everything would open up for us. We would go on to have an epic war with the Tubas, move to Discord, break tons of records in terms of sizes on CP as well as site views, and tons more. RPF had rewritten what seemed to be inevitable, as well as accomplishing the impossible.

Fast forward to today, and we are still on Club Penguin Rewritten. Most of the people who will read this joined because they found us on CP Rewritten, which I find incredible. The RPF was able to reach so many people and build a massive community even after Club Penguin died, and we all managed to build something truly special together. If you’re a troop in this army who truly cares about the Rebel Federation, then I’m going to have to implore you to listen to what I am about to say…

You are probably a great soldier, but you become all the more amazing when you stay with the RF during the dark times. When you do this, you shine all the more brighter. By working hard to push the darkness away, you help open the doors to the RF’s true potential. You motivate the people who lead this army and direct the group to keep moving forward by having faith, and by fighting. To fight darkness is your responsibility as a soldier in this army. The phrases “Fight the Good Fight” and “When Darkness Falls” will start to make a lot of sense once you realize your worth as a troop.






  1. I remember this I remember being there during the acp war and that amazing(best) event. I loved the rpf and still do to this day I was there when we transferred to cp rewritten and i knew we were gonna survive in one of the posts I even said it’s gonna be a great year for us and I’m so glad we did survive. We won we fought the good fight when other armies didn’t I am so pround to say I’m a troop in the rpf.

  2. Dang, awesome story!

  3. It’s great, now go rest you idiot

  4. What an incredible story to read up on as a newly ranked member of the RPF. Such an honor to be fighting the good fight along some of the most hard-working people in this community!

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