My Retirement – Plane

For the last 15 months, I spent a vast majority of my free time in the Rebel Federation, from the day I joined I was completely hooked by the aspect of a group of people working together to achieve something great. The Rebel Federation to me was a place where I could go and just be myself, no one was there to judge me everyone was in the same place with the same interests and this is what got me hooked.

My journey in the Rebel Federation began in October of 2017 when my friend showed me CPR, we spent the whole afternoon playing and after he went home, I kept playing. I don’t really know what it was that kept me playing, maybe it was the nostalgia of playing one of my favourite childhood games, or maybe I had nothing better to do, but all I do know is I wanted to meet a mascot. Badly. So I opened up google and typed in CPR Mascot Tracker like i’m sure most of you did too, and of course the first result was the Rebel Penguin Federation, I saw there was a discord server so I made my account and joined. Little did I know I was about to begin some of the best 15 months of my life.

I was instantly greeted by so many different people from all around the world and I thought it was so cool that so many different people were in one place all enjoying the game that I used to love so much as a child. I was instantly asked by Percy if I wanted to be air force or navy and being an air force cadet at the time I chose air force (names also plane so what else would you expect). I went to bed and honestly didn’t expect to ever go on the discord server again, But the next morning I woke up and attended my first ever event.

(honestly couldn’t find myself but i’m somewhere in the pile of penguins)

Fast forward a few months and I was making so many new friends and was ranking up faster than ever, this was also around the time I saw chip asking in main chat if anyone had an alt he could use for a video. Being the eager troop I instantly dmed him with an account. This is where things got interesting.

I was making videos for the RPF as fast as chip could ask me to. Every week there was a new video and I loved doing it. I like to think this helped me progress in the RPF further than I ever thought I could and before I knew it I was mod.

This is where my journey in AUSIA begins.

The week I got mod was also the week that Night had to go off on his super long leave, leaving me as the only active AUSIA staff member at the time, granted there were other owners from EU that were always on. But for the next month I was helping run the show for AUSIA and by the time night was back I was ready to help him whenever he required it.

The duo of Night and I continued on strong throughout the next 2 months and we even got our own name #Planemare. I was so confident in my skills whenever night was around and I knew that every event would do great with him leading and me backing him up. Until one week night messaged me saying he had to go away and I was going to be in charge of AUSIA for the entire week. Being a 4ic this was completely a new territory for me and I was completely terrified, But despite my doubts and worries I pushed on and managed to max a 45+ event that week.

As soon as night came back I was so excited to tell him what happened. That evening Night described his journey with Robot and how the exact thing had happened to him and how at the end of that week he was promoted to an owner. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Night had told me and couldn’t stop thinking about what he had said about being promoted to owner but that weekend. I was promoted to 3ic and the AUSIA duo of Plane and Night was more powerful than ever.

Skipping a lot of details and events, we move to the 17th of June which is also coincidentally my birthday. The Rise of AUSIA. Night and I were getting ready to begin the biggest event of our lives and I can’t lie when saying we were nervous. But despite our nerves, the event went on to being the largest AUSIA event in CPA history. We could not believe what had just happened, we had just created the largest AUSIA event. EVER. The same day I was promoted to 2ic and the Plane and Night duo was stronger than ever.


I just want to thank everyone who has been a significant part of my life over the last 15 months. I would like to begin by thanking RobotXO for being the first AUSIA leader I ever had and also teaching my teacher, Night. I also want to thank chip for giving me the opportunity to make the videos for RPF, Liz for supporting me throughout my entire journey, Lucy, Eisencharger, Zea, Shanks, Jake, WXBP for being great AUSIA team mates, Dani, Guido and Rose for being great friends and always supporting me and Rane for being my best ane buddy.

This brings me to my final two thanks and these deserve their own sections

Night, thank you for teaching me everything that you did and giving me all the opportunities and experiences. I would be nowhere today if it wasn’t for your kindness and willingness to help, not only are you a great leader and teacher but you are also a great friend.

Cosmo, I knew from the second you got mod you were going to be great, going from a toxic troop that no one thought would get even mod to 2ic surprised everyone, especially me. You exceeded every expectation I had for you and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I wish you all the best.


My journey in the RPF began in October of 2017, almost ended in December that year (thanks pop for banning me in your sleep still have no clue how that happened) and is now coming to an end officially. I will still be around on chat and will hopefully make it to events every once in a while, but with that being said. It’s time to move on.


Fight the good fight.



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