Howdy Rebels!

Today we logged onto Sleet for our EU/US event, Operation: Ranch Dressing. We dressed up as cowboys and celebrated the western party across the island with some spectacular forms and tactics! Make sure to comment with your discord name and rank if you attended.



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Hola Rebels!

Today we logged onto Sleet for our AUSIA event, Operation: House Party. We had lots of fun raiding each others igloos in order to help people get stamps, while performing some amazing tactics at the same time! Good job to everyone who attended!

MAX: 25+

AVG: 23

Comment with your Discord and rank below if you attended.

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Troop Of The Week #94

Troop of the Week #94

It’s been a fantastic week for the Rebel Federation, with great events for all regions! We’ve had an surge of new members joining, so a huge thank you to everyone who’s been recruiting, and a welcome to our newest Rebels! Deciding the Troop of the Week is always a difficult task and it took a lot of discussion. However, there was one troop who really stood out to us. This week’s troop of the week is…

BenTheGunn joined the Rebel Federation two months ago and has been an outstanding troop. This shows through their presence in chat, helping and talking to all members of our community which clearly shows that he is a troop that anyone can rely on! He attends a lot of events and is active in general. We feel that this is enough evidence that Ben deserves this award for this week! Congratulations BenTheGunn!



Hey Rebels!

Today we logged onto Ascent for our US event and wore our new uniform. We amazed the islanders with our fantastic tactics and forms and did so in great style! Amazing job for all the rebels who attended and keep on fighting the good fight!



Make sure to comment down your Discord name and rank to let us know you attended!

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Greetings, Rebels!

Today we logged on to Blizzard for our AUSIA Operation: Clean sweep during which we grabbed our mops and cleaned up after the music jam party like responsible penguins who fight the good fight great job rebels!

MAX: 35+


Comment with your name and rank below if you attended!

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Operation: The Good Fight [EU]

Hey there, RF!

Today, we logged onto Deep Freeze to spread the word of the good fight around the island! Not only did we achieve this, we also did some awesome tactics and formations as well! Awesome job today, Rebels!

Don’t forget to comment below with your Discord name and rank if you attended today’s event!

MAX: 40+


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