PROMOTIONS – 10/3/19



These are the official ranks of the RF. If you think you should be here but do not see your name, DM a Head General, Second in Command, or a Rebel Commander.

To find your name more easily, CTRL+F and then type your name.


Rebel Commander

Cosmo | Queenieliz | Silverburg

Second in Command


Head General

1337Mishka | Klein | Lucy0600 | Peaky | Queeniealex | Weebwad


Cassie | DJCrystal | Trackling

Lieutenant General

Amadeus23 | Brownboy102| Bscharbach2 | Ray

Major General

Kiki | Leothelion | Marija | Mindy4isback | Sirplus1881

Brigadier General

Chaos | Coolguy1608 | Eva | JT | Orange37408


Cpr1234, Elexonck, Haider67, Hexxer07, Litt7, Redweeb, Shanks


Alexan Jr


Alina, Gordon, Wavy Shell, Wolvesarecool


Ariel, Arnor, JJ Alpha Wolf, Jakethebird, Koloway, Pinkoliv123, Starship

Sergeant Major

Aishajabz, Bobthebleach, Flv9, Minipup, Pedro, Zottffss

Master Sergeant

CyberHusky, Dat1mew, Fedd76, Frostly, Jack, Joseph, Mestergamer, Pemmin, SarcasticPVP

Staff Sergeant

AFlyingSpider, BrotherQuack, Dragan-tron, Error, Houndstack, Ixythe, Mr. Ribcage, OrchidDreams,RipplingSapphire, RoboBart, Starvsblack2, Thanosowo


Agent73, Antioch, Clade, Daisy SMH, GodGaben, Hoodie, Jay0005, Kittenmittns, Kylobensolo13, Miniapple, Plesiosaurus, Roogy, Spiralink, Sugarrush298, SupaSid, xBrosGM


Aymazarre, Bryguy, Chairfuzz, D00d00head, Hoodie, Idublu, Jtuliaos, Penguin Damo, Pinpin516, Psyql, Riley, RPG, Rufftherobot, Superdan1000, The TWR Critic, Tomcat3, Tunise, Yamiyugi55

Lance Corporal

4lliegator, Abiligubili, Alphapizzadog, Alexboss, BerryJuice, Caitlin, Chimney,  Daddyrasputin, Fardh, Fire_Tiger84, Ian12641, iHostz, InfernapeOHKO, Jetkid8, Klance42069, KozuKitty, L3W1SGaming, Lil PP, Marcboi, Merci, Pingu97803, Pinkowlcat, Rhett, Rosalin, Samvolt, Sans, SilverCat,  Squidonyx, Stephx20, Tanseh5, Tinandcopper, Trants, Trydox, Utch64, xRains, Yasher04, Zeinry

Private First Class

//, Alexandy1, Baldo, Beca, BOB, Caspian, Charflax, Chase07, Cheesesteaks, Chimken Nugg, Criime, DekuFry, Derp, Dokid0ki, Eira, EmvK, GamerofGamers, Gebalis Rale, Hank127, Hooman, Inspired Tim, JJM27, Joaomarcoz, KaydenRoblox, Kermit, L3W1SGaming, Marilyn, Marshmello, MC Genni, Minimelon, Mynameisred, Natnotnad, Ozzy, Petshop98, Purbplace237, Rayyxx_oo, Roseybabosey, Sariel, Squirrelci, SuperPen100, Tri, Unfound, Wingblade02, Yikes.mp4, Yinguin16, Yuli


Alfie, Alex70982, Applepieyay, Big Chungus Royale, Criime, Dabbie0, Douglas, DragoCubed, Drewr23, Dude826, Dumpster Fire, Erin, ExplosiveKrypton, Gibby, I’mNotAHelicopter, Jacksjacobs1, JaxHaxBois, Jaydenj8, Jay Schulz, Jelly, JUSS Ronard, Kate, KrunkYogurt, LavHart, Lord Kelvin, Lort533, Luca, Margarita, Mayxo, MSpaint lacer, Objectshow, Ree, RepEpic, Roger Mini, Rubix, Scott, Sedrech, Sharky Boii, Sivann, Sllump, Tess, Tiffyxoxo, Tumblegamer, Tweck, TwirlyPanda, UnderRep, Wiggyy


Upon joining the Rebel Federation CP Division you will automatically receive the recruit role. You will be promoted after attending your first event.

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