RF Role Contest

Hello, RF!

The RNM Contest Team is officially announcing, you guessed it, another contest! This contest is a role contest, and not just any kind of role — a permanent role!

To enter the contest, you must be part of RF. There’s no theme to the roles you can come up with, so get creative!

In your submission, please make sure you have the following:
• Role name
• Role price
• Role color
• Role ability
This is what the contest team will be using to judge your submission!

To submit your idea, just DM the above requirements to Puffl on Discord. You can al Submissions are due by November 18.

Here are the prizes for this contest:

1st Place – Your brand new role + 3000 Rebel Cash

2nd Place – 2000 Rebel Cash

3rd Place – 1000 Rebel Cash

If you have any questions about this contest, DM any member of the RNM Contest Team on Discord! (Weebwad, Zeavro, 1337Mishka, Wxbp, Cassie, or Puffl)

– Cassie, RNM Contest Team


I'm Cassie! I joined on July 27, 2018. The time I've spent in RF has been some of the best time in my life. "Things don't exist until they exist." -John Mulaney


  1. Benevolent role
    available to all to spread the love and kindness <3 😀

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