Troop of the Week #68

Hey Rebels!

It’s that time of the week again! Every Friday, a new TOTW (Troop of the Week) is announced. This week we’ve had several standout troops who have worked hard and fought the good fight, and the army itself has had a fantastic week. However, there can only be one.

Without further ado, the Troop of the Week is…


Mikemate is somebody who I personally know very well from the old army community. He always stood out to me as someone with a fantastic work ethic, from his service in other armies that I patrolled like the Dark Warriors as well as his stint in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Ever since he has rejoined, I have seen that old energy that he used to have return as he has climbed the ranks, and has now achieved this fantastic honour. I believe that MikeMate can go the distance in this army, and that he can truly cement himself as one of the next great figures in this new era of RF.

Make sure to congratulate MikeMate if you see him on chat! 


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