Troop of the Week #83


It’s Friday, so you know what that time it is! Lots of troops performed very well this week and attended tons of events! It was hard to choose, but the Rebel of the Week has been decided.

Without further ado, the 83rd Troop of the Week is….


Starship joined the Rebel Federation near the end of 2018. She never used to talk but she always attended events and worked hard. Quite recently, she has begun to talk on chat and has become one of our most active troops on chat! She has an awesome personality and still has the dedication and heart to come to events and help contribute to the rise of this fantastic army. She is amazing, and has definitely earned the prestigious title of Troop of the Week!

Don’t feel down if you didn’t get TOTW this week. The High Command had to choose from many hard-working troops. Like I previously said, it was a tough decision for this week’s TOTW as there were many excellent troops. So, don’t feel down if you didn’t get it, aim for next week and I’m sure you will earn it!


  1. Private Meme Galaxy

    oh wow

  2. Private Meme Galaxy


  3. Nice. Slightly disappointed it isn’t me but I’m super glad you got it!

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