Tuxedo Times 11/18/18 [Edition 39]

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(For this edition, and all future Tuxedo Times, links for events will be compiled at the bottom of the post along with average troop numbers, to make it easier to find archived events and general information. Cheers!)


Events and Important Posts:



Events: Today we had a US event called Operation Remembrance. This event was to remember the veterans who fought for our freedom and to honor their service. We maxed 20+ troops.

Important Posts: There is currently a new RNM contest that anyone can participate in! This time you can have a custom permanent role be put into the server for all to see! Be sure to enter if you’re interested by clicking here.


Events: Today, we held a Town of Salem event for each division. Bigly fun!Image result for town of salem

Important Posts: N/A


Events: On Wednesday we had an EU Mod Lead event for the first time in a while! We did great tactics and leading was good. We maxed about 30+ troops. Well done Rebels!

Important posts: Another Troop Interviews post was done on Wednesday, this time starring Keemyorg123 and brownboy102. Click here to read them!


Events: N/A

Important Posts: N/A

Notes: (Man what a quiet day THONK)


On Friday, we held Operation: Rebel Miners for the day’s AUSIA event. We wore Miner helmets and did a lot of pun tactics, with plenty of suggestions from troops. We maxed  15+ troops. Nevertheless, with the small size, we had a great event! Later in the day, we held Operation: Show Your Belts for the EU event. We wore our highest Card Jistu belts and did tactics well. We maxed about 20+ troops.

Important posts: The 65th Troop of The Week has been announced! The post to see who got it can be found here.


Events: To start off the day we held Operation: M.O.A.B for our AUSIA event! We performed tactics well and had a solid event as per usual, maxing 25+ troops. Later on we held a hide and seek EU event, a classic game. That event maxed 20+ troops.Important Posts: A team in the works for a while now, the RNM Gaming team is finally here, ready to take your suggestions! Read up about what the team does here, and what you want to see them do here!


Events: For our AUSIA event of the day, we held another rendition of Operation: Rebel Band, where troops went around the island making music in the name of the good fight! Here we maxed 25+ troops. Afterwards, we held Operation: Ancient Dragons, showing off our flames one dragon at a time. For this event we got a solid 40+ troop max! Big league!Important Posts: N/A

Weekly RF Updates

The role shop will be closed until Friday, the 23rd.

There is now a salary system implemented! Check pinned messages in music botspam to see how much you’ll now be making! (Salaries are weekly, every Sunday afternoon)

You can still fill out the [November] State of the Rebel Federation survey! Be sure to do so if you missed it. Every opinion matters!

As mentioned above, the RNM Gaming team is finally here! Be sure to fill out the form on what you want to see them do here!

Event Links/Averages:

Monday US – Operation: Rememberance

Tuesday AUSIA – TOS event

Tuesday EU – TOS event

Tuesday US – TOS event

Wednesday EU – Mod U-Lead

Friday AUSIA – Operation: Rebel Miners

Friday US – Operation: Show Your Belts

Saturday AUSIA – Operation: M.O.A.B

Saturday EU – Operation: Hide and Seek

Sunday AUSIA – Operation: Rebel Band

Sunday EU – Operation: Ancient Dragon

AUSIA Troop Average: 22.6

EU Troop Average: 27.5

US Troop Average: 20

Overall Average: 23.4

Fun Facts of the Week:

Did you know? Divers who search for lost golf balls can make up to $150,000 every year.

Did you know? In Japan, there’s a ‘Crying Sumo’ contest, where wrestlers compete to see who can make a baby bawl first.

Did you know? Almost 40% of Vietnamese people have the same last name: Nguyen.

Did you know? 2014 was officially the hottest year on record.

Video of the Week

Question of the Week

The first person to answer this following question correctly in the comments below will receive a gift of 200 Rebel Cash in the RF discord!

What tactic is being performed in the 4th picture of the Operation: M.O.A.B results post?

Have any suggestions for Team Tuxedo? Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments below!

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