Tuxedo, RPF’s Capital:  You have been invited to the Rebel Penguin Federation’s 15th birthday!  On May 8th of 2007,  Commando717 created RPF as a way to stand up against armies that tainted the game, and now 15 years later, RPF is still here as strong as ever and it’s time to celebrate!  Keep reading this post to see more of our jam-packed week, full of fun events, activities and giveaways!  Grab your party hats because from May 1st – May 8th, we are in constant party-mode!


It wouldn’t be a special week without giveaways!  Below you will find all the information regarding our tiered giveaways and how to access them!

Anniversary Bingo

The Anniversary Bingo will help you enter the tiered giveaways.  Every set number of lines, you will be rewarded with a role.  Head over to #giveaway-info for all the details and roles.

Note: For one of the tiers, you will earn the guaranteed Big 15 Bingo role!


We have prepared a plethora of both Club penguin and non-club penguin events, so check out the schedule below!


EU: Keep hearing about strike force but were not around for it?  Well no feeling left out anymore, because we are bringing it back!  Join us for this fun strike force event and hope you don’t mess up your tactics!


Break day: The name says it all, take a break and prepare for the rest of the week!


AUSIA: Sit back and relax with this fun movie night. Check #events to vote for which movie you’d like to watch!

US: Tired of HCOM? Me too.  Time to get your revenge.  For this special battle, the mods and troops will be facing against HCOM!


EU: Two anniversaries in one?  May the 4th be with us and also our allies Ice Warriors, who will be joining us for this star wars themed hide n seek!


AUSIA: It would not be an anniversary week without a classic event.  Time to mine some diamonds for this AUSIA mining event!

EU: It wouldn’t be a party without party games.  Join us for some games such as UNO, Geoguessr and more!


US: More ally events?? Bring out your silver appreciation  for this game tournament on Club Penguin with our allies the Silver Empire!


AUSIA: Time for another classic but with a twist.  For this Rebel Band U-Lead you will get to experience what it’s like to be HCOM!  Not only you will be able to speak while chat is locked, but you will also be granted access to a special private chat as Honourary HCOM!

EU: Grab a friend and grab an outfit because we are twinning it up!  Pick any outfit your heart desires and match with someone for this twin event.


EU: It’s anniversary time!  To honour RPF, wear your best red, white and black outfits for this GALA filled with music, kahoot and other fun activities as well as a special role for everyone attending!.  Everyone is invited, come and celebrate with us!

We can’t wait to share this milestone with you and we hope you all enjoy this special week!  #RPF15

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