Howdy Rebels, hope you’ve enjoyed the Ausia Arena tournament! What better way to get ready for the March Madness tourney than looking back on our previous battles? Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Round 1: Water Vikings

In the Quarter-Finals the Rebels took on the Water Vikings, our allies. Storming the Ice rink, Ship’s Hold and Iceberg; the Rebels prevailed after 30 minutes of fast-paced battling. Within this intense match up, the Rebels ended up hitting a max of 44. Next week, we would be up against either the Silver Empire or Templars.

Round 2: Templars

We had finally reached the Semi-Finals! Up against the Templars the Rebels were ready to give it their all in the hopes of making it to the finals. During this battle with the Templars they took on the Docks, Stadium and Iceberg; ultimately winning all 3 rooms. With a max of 50 this was a huge success and facing either the Help Force or Ice Warriors next, hopefully this streak continued.

Round 3: Ice Warriors

The finals were finally here! Up against one of our closest allies, the Ice Warriors, we were ready to try our best in order to get the trophy. Clashing in the Docks, Inside Mine and Iceberg within this intense battle; the Rebels emerged victorious. The max of 57 meant that they had ended off the tournament on a high note too!

That’s all for now Rebels! Hope you found this both nostalgic and interesting, like we did writing this. Keep an eye open for other battles coming soon.

yas – 3ic

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