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Rebel Penguin Federation Battle Tips

Whether it’s your first time in a battle or you just need to brush up on your Club Penguin battle strategies, here are our best tips to how to succeed in a battle with another army!

What is a Battle?

Battles are done between two armies saying phrases and emoting at the same time. The group with the biggest size and better “tactics” (emotes & phrases) wins. Here is a video example of a battle, as well as a picture.


Before the battle, there are a couple things you need to do:

  • Hype it up!
    It’s important we tell as many people as possible about the battle, so get excited in #main-chat! There will be a “react if you plan on attending” message in either #announcements or #events.  Make sure you’ve reacted as well, and show up if you commit!
  • Be prepared
    Make sure you have the uniform for the battle.  If it’s a branch battle, wear your branch uniform.  If it’s a battle against another army, wear the RPF uniform.  Regardless, make sure to log on on time.  You may also be asked to join Voice Chat for extra speed.  Try to stay the whole time unless you absolutely have to leave; the whole 30 minutes counts!

Now, you’re ready for the battle to begin.

Room Changes

There are typically three rooms in a battle, with armies changing rooms every ten minutes.  It’s very important you get into the room as soon as it is announced.  If you’re late, and the room is full, you become a “lockout.”

While there is often a separate lockout room, lockouts never count as heavily towards the final result as the main room.  So, to help us win, you need to be in the main room as quickly as possible.  Have your maps up and be ready to click on the room as soon as it is announced.


There are three types of tactics: emote tactics, word tactics, and bombs.  The speed and uniformity of an army’s tactics helps determine whether or not they come out on top, so it’s our job to be as fast and accurate as possible.

  • Emote tactics
    For emote tactics, we all press a certain set of keys, typically “E” and then another number or letter.  Make sure to do it as slowly as possible to get accurate tactics.  Below is a key for what buttons mean what emotes.
  • Word tactics
    For these tactics, we all say words at the same time!  Make sure to copy and paste it for ease.
  • Bombs
    These movement tactics mean you run around while doing a word or emote tactic.  There are also variants like waterfalls (run up and down), rakes (run left and right), or wipes (run from one bunch to another).

Regardless of the type of tactic, make sure to wait until the leader counts to three to do it!


When you get into a room, the army will typically take some sort of shape or formation.  This can range from a circle, to an X, to an upside down T.  Here are some things to keep in mind!

  • Help each other
    If you see someone you know out of formation, feel free to ping them to let them know.  Just make sure you’re polite about it, we’re all on the same side!
  • Don’t be covered
    If the opposing formation puts an enemy above you, it’s likely your tactic will be covered.  Club Penguin might show your tactic to you even if you’re being covered, so a good rule of thumb is to make sure your penguin is sitting in front of theirs.  If you’re called out for being covered, just move and try to get in front.
  • Be perfectionists
    Try to make the formations as straight and spread out as possible.  If your emote or text bubbles are overlapping a lot, it means you’re too close to another penguin.  That being said, try not to leave large gaps in formations.


After the battle, the result will be announced once the leader is made aware!  It’s very important that win or lose, you stay polite.  The way you behave after a victory or defeat reflects on the rest of us.

Other Tips

These tips will help make your performance even more stellar!

  • Keep performing tactics until the next one is given
    It’s generally a good idea to hold tactics for awhile so that we can get good pictures of everyone doing them.  If you don’t know when the next one will be given, hold it for about 5-7 seconds.  Copying and pasting word tactics will help with this (you can triple click on a line of text to copy it from chat)!
  • Ask any questions you need to
    #help-desk is a great place to ask questions.  Don’t know where the lockout room is?  Need to know what server you should be on?  Ask there and someone will answer you when they see it!  There are no stupid questions, we all start somewhere.
  • Don’t hype tactics
    Let the leaders lead, but don’t repeat the tactics after them.  You could be spending that time making sure you’re ready for the tactic, or getting ready to take a good event picture.
  • Split screen your computer
    This is a very important tip!  Split screening will ensure you see both Club Penguin and Discord at the same time, and don’t have to waste precious seconds on a room change or tactic switching back and forth.  You can drag your screens around accordingly until they fit in a way you feel comfortable with.

With these tips, you’re ready to come help us ensure RPF victory! Join in on the hype in our main chat, and feel free to ask in #help-desk if you have any extra questions.  When darkness falls, our enemies fall with it.

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