Behind The Emote: Officers [Part 1]

Hello Rebels, and welcome to the sequel of the Behind the Emote series! This time around, both yas and I, Eskild, asked our fantastic officers for their top 3 favourite emotes and why they are their favourites! Without further ado, let’s dive into it!


:8ACOSP_bc_nod: (:8ACOSP_bc_nod:) – has been one that I have been really obsessed with lately because it’s adorable and can be used anywhere!

I also really like :pfffft: (:pfffft:) because – I mean cmon – look at THAT FACE!! 10/10 very cute and I use it a lot since I am always laughing with my friends

:flop: (:flop:) is my third fave because it’s just so funny to me hehehe


:heartforyou: (:heartforyou:) – My most used emote actually ! This is such a wholesome emote and it’s really useful in a lot of messages. A really cute way to show your love and support for others :heartforyou:

:SmileDoge:(:SmileDoge:) Smiledoge my beloved <3 It’s a really sweet doge with a really sweet smile :D. It makes my day whenever I see it (shoutout to marie for this emote <3) There’s also different types of smiledoges, even one of me Overall a pretty fun emote ! 

💚 (:green_heart:) – Not much to be explained about this one, it’s a cute heart that’s also on brand It’s a signature emote for me ! More than welcome to send this to me whenever you see me in chat :).


:thiccpop:(:thiccpop:) – Well, how can you not like Djungelskog? This fantastic bear is the absolute greatest – ever since it got released as an emote in the server, it’s been among my most used!

:goo~1: (:goo:) – I really like how friendly the emote looks, so it’s an emote I use a lot!

:rocking: (:rocking:) – Just the ultimate rocking vibe, a genre which is timeless!


:peachy: (:peachy:) – this was an emote for my dog peachy, she recently passed around february and it was one of the hardest things for me so i constantly keep her emote in my status as sort of a tribute :’) 

:blushydoggo: (:blushydoggo:) – if you haven’t noticed yet i LOVE dogs, probably more than anything, and this emote radiates so much simp energy + it’s a cute dog so i just chuck it in every single message i send LOL 

:GroovingDog2: (:GroovingDog:) – surprise surprise, another dog emote! This emote makes me really happy!!! just a dog vibing, grooving, shaking that ass, minding his own business


:uff: (:uff:) – This is literally the perfect reaction for everything. you can never go wrong with an ufff.

:flop: (:flop:) – I like it because it’s a very accurate representation of my forever mood. tired, exhausted, flop.

:sadgesip: (:sadgesip:) – Sometimes sadge just isn’t enough to capture how I feel. Also this one’s cuter.


:SmileDoge: (:SmileDoge:) – ofc this is my top fave emote because it’s a cute doge smiling

:heartforyou: (:heartforyou:) – my personal favorite from rpf because it’s like a depiction of showing all your support and love in one emote

:blobhighfive: (:blobhighfive:) – reminds me of one of my good friends and how we greet each other in main chat 🙂 (plus blob emotes are amazing in itself)


👀 (:eyes) – Eyes are very expressive, you can say anything with your eyes, so these kind of substitute for irl eyes, and you can send 👀 in most discord conversations I’d say.

:O_: (:O_:) – That one’s by jj, it’s great because I very often use 😮 or different forms of o/oh/O/:O/:0 in my messages
:umff: (:umff:) – This one’s a step above the regular uff. jj did the animation.


:heartforyou: (:heartforyou:) – It is a very cute emote, and I always use this when I see Marie, I have a cookie version that i made, but i love that emote. I think that yvng won the contest with this and it’s a perfect emote. It’s a nice emote to say hi, hello, hey. Pedro likes that emote hehe

:sadge: (:sadge:) – I like pepe emotes, because it’s like a frog, but it’s not a frog, or is it a frog? I don’t know, but pepe is nice, and I can use that emote everytime, so it’s an amazing emote

:cp_ufff: (:cp_ufff:) – That’s a nice one, I use it for battles or events hype. Why do I like this? Because it’s CP and UFF I don’t know why I like that one, probably because it’s a nice emote. And remember CP_UFF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UFF


:dailyspit: (:dailyspit:) – I really enjoy using this emote as it triggers a lot of people and I find it funny to use.

:vibing: (:vibing:) – This emote is literally me irl listening to music I LOVE. whenever there is music being played in vc and i enjoy it i will always send this emote (always sent it when sunflower baby was getting played in vc)

:paddy: (:paddy:) – How could I forget this emote. mr paddy sheeran, this emote is amazing. I used to hate it at the start but it has definitely grown on me LMAO. Every time I am in chat this emote is always sent.


:chefskiss: (:chefskiss:) – This emote is just amazing, it’s so… useful. You can use it for a good song, for hyping someone up or even for good food.

:running: (:running:) – For escaping.

😎  (:sunglasses:) – started using this ironically, then it just stuck. like chefskiss you can use it in so many different ways and I love that.


:cryin: (:cryin:) – For when i’m dying which is a lot of the time

:tough: (:tough:) – I just think it’s funny LOL I love using it to exaggerate things unnecessarily

:redface~1: (:redface:) – It’s good for when u want to bring up something serious but don’t want to come off too strong aha

And that concludes part one of this edition of Behind the Emote! Stay tuned for Part two coming soon! I hope you all have enjoyed reading about some of our current and former Officers‘ favourite emotes! Until next time, this is Eskild signing off!

Eskild // Lieutenant General

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