Behind The Emote: Troops

Welcome back to another Behind the Emote, where Tomatoeee and I, z3ming, ask some troops about which emote is their favourite to use! Read on for an inside look to what was going on in these troops’ minds when sending their favourite emotes.

Teck Check

For me, It would definetly Be the :heresthetea: emote from the server. It Just Combos so Well and allows U to represent anything U want. I mostly use it for bread but hey, who Said U cant use it to represent Something Else Like a Apple for example. It Just IS a good Combo emote period


my fav emote is the :flop: one. i don’t have an interesting reason, i just think it represents me a lot of the time lmao. sometimes u just feel like flopping down on the floor 🫡


my favorite emoji is  and my explanation is


My favourite emote has got to be :waaaaaaaaaaaa:. I just think it covers a multitude of feelings so well. Happy? Sad? Laughing but don’t want to admit it? It’s perfect :’)


my top ones are probably :waaaaaaaaaaaa:, :salute: and :ufff:, ofc there’s the beautiful BEANSOCK emote :beansock: but since no nitro.. can’t use it everywhere 🙁 <- also a good emote so i’d have to say my favorite is probably :ufff: cus when i go uffff to sussy stuff then everybody go waaaa + funnymoments ensue


In terms of the RPF, my favorite emote on the server is probably this one. :hmu: Admittedly it’s not that versatile, and I never end up using it. But it’s such an enigma and proposes so many questions that it almost can’t not be my favorite, based on its strangeness alone. Why does it have human hands, pink sunglasses, and a top hat??? Who added this and for what purpose?? The questions are endless about this unassuming emote! And that’s why it’s my favorite!


the Double Exclamation Mark Emoji emoji is just somehing i add to end of sentence and i cant stop using it


:coolsmile: i like the emoji because he is cool and its a funny emoji and i like the meme

We hope you had a good time getting the inside scoop in this first edition of Behind the Emote: Troop Edition! Let us know in #main-chat which of these stories you find most interesting, and stay tuned for another “Behind the…” coming soon!

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