Hey Rebels! Welcome to part two of the revived segment, Behind the GIF! For this post, Z3ming and I, Tomatoeee, went around to our own RPF HCOM and asked them what their favourite GIF was and why! Grab some popcorn, you’re in for a treat! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


The gif currently displayed before you is high quality footage of well-choreographed dance moves as seen here. As per the reasoning behind why it is my most preferred gif amidst all the various gifs out there is simply due to the fact that the gif truly expresses my jovial emotions, or as us younger audiences may refer to it as ‘a vibe’. I like to use this dancing gif as to which indicates that I express my uttermost joyfulness for all the rebellious penguins to observe.

Yo Gal

i like this gif because the video is really random and eyecatching and also “cry about it” is one of the funniest and most creative genres of gifs ive seen on discord


ratJAM for sure 😌 idk it just emits so much festive energy, i feel like it’s christmas everytime i look at it LMFAO i don’t even like rats, but the christmas hat makes it so much better ksjskjsksj


michael throwing the pen at toby is my favorite because it’s how i feel when im annoyed at discord ppl


This gif is my favourite because I love how michael scott never fails to manipulate his words, even turning a simple common saying into something silly and awkward. He says it with such confidence, and it’s one of my favourite scenes from my favourite show. Even irl I now say “how the turntables” instead of the proper expression because of this scene, and it’s also the first gif I’ve ever favourited.


At the moment I like this one as it conveys my often felt feelings of panic


This gif is my favorite because Risitas’ (rip legend) laugh is iconic. When things are funny af, this is my go to gif. However, I have an emote version of this gif too so I end up using that more often though.

And that concludes the second half of Behind the GIF: HCOM Edition! We hope you enjoyed reading along and seeing your HCOM’s favourite GIF’s! Which one did you like the most? Let us know in our #main-chat and stay tuned for more Behind the (…) posts in the future!


like what kind of girl do you take me for?

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