Behind the Name: Officers Edition

Hey Rebels! Welcome back to the Behind the Name segment! For this post, Alienn and I, Sharki, went around to our fellow Officers and asked them about the story behind their Username! So grab some popcorn and get ready to learn about the history of your Officers members’ names!


“there’s no real story behind my username ngl. however, i got the username because i’m an irishman and proud ☘️ so if u ever think hmmm what’s the most irish name u think oh yeah PADDY!!!! also as i’m a literal saint i think the name paddy has the perfect fit for me (srs). i got rid of all the snakes in ireland, now it’s time to get rid of all the snakes in rpf. ireland unfree shall never be at peace” 


“My name is pretty straight-forward, green is just my favourite colour! Emerald green to be specific, hence the name heh (tb to GreenGreen, my old name) Adding on to emerald part of the name, I also really like crystals and the way they look, its all really pretty. I chose emerald specifically because 1. they’re green, 2. they were in a lot of series that I love, like Minecraft and JJBA, and 3. I just really like the name in general”


“Back in 2016 I had to think of a gamertag, and I didn’t want a generic one with tons of numbers. So I thought of some things that I liked and I was really into this star wars clone medic character. Not many know this character so I thought why not? And the character’s name was Coric and it just stuck with me ever since!”


“I have a favourite soft toy penguin that I named Guin Guin (short for ‘penguin’; sorry to disappoint y’all if y’all thought it’s short for guinea pig). When I started playing club penguin again, I decided to name myself that. However I noticed that it was a little long for people to call me that in rpf, so I decided to go by “Guinz” and it has stuck ever since!


“Hmm well I really dont know why I chose this but I was making my discord account and I didn’t know what to name it, I remembered when I was little I used TexasToast for everything and then I added 73 just to put some random numbers at the end.😎”


“basically very very simple explanation i picked “bubbles” NOT because of power puff girls 🙀 but honestly because i like the word bubbles i like how it sounds and i thought it was a really cute name too so i was like bubbles sounds nice and in a way i feel like it suites my personality as well


at the time i was super into the anastasia broadway musical (i still am!!) and the main character is called anya <3 there are moments in the songs where her name is just being belted so it really stuck to me LOL. its just such a cute and simple name which was perfect since i didn’t want anything too complicated c:


I made my username (pinkpop) when I first made a club penguin account sometime around 2009 or 10. I don’t know what I was thinking of when I made it lol, probably pink cake pops 😛 When I found out CPR existed last year and made an account, I was unoriginal and defaulted to the old name I’d made. I thought it’d just be for a little while lol I didn’t think much of it. Who knew I’d join RPF and make pinkpop half my identity basically for about a year and a half now :waa: pinkpop definitely sounds like a username a kid made and I wish I was known as something cooler like blackrock or idk silverfish (idk why I’m thinking colours right now lol) but now it’s stuck and it’d be weird if the ppl I know (such as yourself :P) called me something different :>


the story behind my name is actually pretty simple. my cat is a manx cat so now i just call myself manxy lol nya~ (insert picture of cat)

Yo Gal

my name came from your mom i was obsessed with your mom in 2019 and i was like your=yo??? mom=gal?? cuz i was girll??? thats twhat i think at least


“I was looking for a pfp and since I love Disney I went with the little green alien from Toy Story! I am also a huge fan of all things astronomy and space ✨ and decided to go with alienn as my name (since there were too many “alien” users </3) 👽”


“so there are a lot of backstories to my name LOL, the simplest way to put it is i really like sharks and i felt quirky so i added an i. I have 2 stuffed animal blahaj’s from ikea and the big one is my comfort place because i’ve gone through a lot of tough times and its always by my side :’). so yea thats basically all to it, and for the 04 in my username sometimes its cuz its my fav number if you see harki as well it comes from a nickname mars gave me because she cant spell LOL…


“So I been using this name for a while now. Yvng Baller came from when I used to write rap lyrics throughout High School for myself and other people. I needed an established name where people would know me by thats not my actual name (like most rappers have) so I went with Yvng Baller. The Yvng part of my name came from the word, young, but i wanted to spell it differently. The Baller part of my name came from my NBA 2k18 MyCareer player, which was Baller Jones. So I took Yvng and Baller and put them together. When I found out CPR was a thing after a friend told me “club penguin is back” I decided to use Yvng Baller as my penguin name as a joke. About over a year later I ran into an RPF event and I wanted to make a discord account with my club penguin name so people knew who i was in game. So I made my discord account Yvng Baller, and since then its just stuck.


“when I joined Discord I didn’t really think I was gonna stick around for too long 🐧  I wasn’t even planning to join the server at first when Avril recruited me (shoutout to av) basically cause I didn’t know how discord worked like I thought it was only for voice chat before I joined LMAO) 😳 I did decide to join in the end, obviously LOL, so when coming up with a name I wanted to make it sound kinda random or stupid ig? I didn’t really put a lot of thought into it so I just went with Cracked as it was the dumbest thing my head could think of, and I def wasnt planning to stay here for 17 months now? damn 👴

What does the name mean? Am I cracked at Club Penguin? Is my phone screen cracked? The sad truth is, there’s no deep reason for it </3 😔”

And that concludes Behind the Name: Officers Edition! We hope you enjoyed reading along and finding out the story that led to some of our favourite officers’ names! Which one was the most surprising to you? Let us know in our #main-chat and stay tuned for more Behind the Scenes posts in the future!

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