Behind The Name: Troops

Welcome back to another Behind the Name, where Tomatoeee and I, z3ming, asked some troops about the origin of their usernames! Read on for an inside look to what was going on in these troops’ minds when choosing their usernames.


EssJay comes from two names I threw into a nickname generator. That’s why I always capitalise both the S and the J. The S comes from my old cpr account name and the J comes from Julia. At this time I still had Latin classes with a dear friend of mine. We really liked the story of Julia Augusti filia (the elder), the daughter of the first Roman emperor Caesar Augustus. Augustus was trying to promote family values, while Julia was out breaking those very values. We found this hilarious and started signing our shared homework with “Julia Ignotus”


I created this username some years even before RPF as a “gaming username”. It actually started with Jsnowflake. ‘J’ derived from my name and ‘snowflake’ cause winter is my “fav season”, well..cause Singapore has no seasons (just rain & shine), so snow feels special and cool haha.. :snowyblob: and well, snowflakes are pretty and unique :snowflake~1: (let’s pretend society didn’t give it another less cool meaning :PB_peepo_sad_ok:)
At some point, I doubled the Js cause I liked the sound of it, so here I am now, as jjsnowflake :jjsnowflake: . All small caps cause it looks nicer than JJSnowflake :PES4_WeirdCringe:


ok so my username wasn’t chosen by me, it was given 😎
people always used to call me by my name or just my surname oof
but then out of the blue, once at high school, i grabbed a bag of cookies from a friend, these cookies were in a really really bad condition, and one thing lead to another and i ended up destroying the bag, whole classroom was there, even the teacher lol
And well, those cookies are called Pepas here in Argentina
they are made of some kind of quince paste


Ok, in highschool, there were two Thomas’ in my friend group.
So to differentiate between us, the other Thomas was ‘Thom’ and I was ‘ass’, nothing too serious it was all just a joke.
Obviously I still didn’t like that idea so what ended up happening was one day when I was walking home from school me and my friend decided to come up with a new nickname. However instead of it being short and sweet like most nicknames, we decided to make it as long as we possibly could. And that’s how we ended up with Tomtombombomtimtamtamalam. What’s nice about the name is it can be shortened to various versions such as Tom, Tomtom or Tomtombombom


So it’s actually kind of a stolen username from my dad. When I was younger I used to sign up for so many games and websites using his email that eventually he just gave it to me and part of it was jpmg2k! First two letters are personal, so can’t say those specifically, but they’re something my dad and I both share, then the mg stood for “mega geek” for him, because his friends always called him that. We always say I’m his mini-me and we have a lot of things in common, so we just changed it to standing for “mini geek” for me and it worked perfectly haha! The 2k is just because he made the email in 2000 or close to it. We both have backup usernames now though, because when we end up signing up for the same games or websites usually only one person can have that user 🙁 But yeah basically a stolen username that ended up working perfectly 🙂


I pretty much had a bottle of powerade in my hand when I made this Discord account and couldn’t think of anything else that’s all there is to it LMAO


hm how i did decide it was random idea of nice name o pick it like wehn i start vith Random name like i was se alot one youtube ther was nice name and then somhew i dicede o put the name since i Living in Norwey like that others know it thats why i found out o make the name to me + same vith pics that yu like random time o change it + one name put like Flag our other Emoyi + King111 is my fav name for my Penguin as 1 of my Penguin name was in in CPR like ALT user for Army things that CPR did ban and later unban and then CPR shut dwon it was 1 number wath i was tink o put it like random 111 like wehn play roblox police games i chause number vith like 711 our 9111

teck check

The name teck check was a name that just kinda got made the more I more tested around, it originally came from a older name (techno spast), translated from german it roughly meant techno idiot which btw no I didn’t make my name cuz of technoblade, I used the name for some years and made some abbreviations on the name since for alot of online stuff I would forget my acount password so I often just made new accounts with different names since alot of services dont allow acounts with the same name, one time i had the name (technical idiot) and my brother aproched me and said that the name is just garbage, he then said “why dont you just use a better name like teckcheck”. And so the name was born, i now use it everytime as my main name for online stuff, it sticks around for long and i never needed to change it in anyway again

We hope you had a good time getting the inside scoop in this first edition of Behind the Name: Troop Edition! Let us know in #main-chat which of these stories you find most interesting, and stay tuned for another “Behind the…” coming soon!

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