Hiya Rebels! Welcome back to yet another edition of our Behind the Profile Pictures series where Tomato and I talk to RPF officers to ask about the backstories behind their current or signature pfps! What are we waiting for? Let’s get right into it!



“Not much of i story behind my pfp, so basic i choose this pfp because i’ve always been a fan of animals and one of my favorites are foxes, and it’s pretty much winter where i live so it’s a fox in the snow. i also get bored of my pfp’s if it’s not an animal so yeah 😁


“So before coming across this pfp, i was looking for something dark and spooky (for spooky szn ofc!!) yet aesthetic and pretty. i love this one because, to me, it radiates all of those – plus the little finger heart is adorable! if i could have one pfp and never change it again, it would 100% be this one! :wholesome:



“I really love Halloween and witches are my favorite costume, so I really wanted to go all out this oktober and create my own Halloween pfp. I drew it on paper, scanned it and then colored in firealpaca. It’s also my first time doing glow effects and I’m happy with how it came out. My initial pose was a bit different in my head than how I ended up drawing it, but overall I’m very happy with the results.”


“I don’t really have a signature profile picture but i do always use the same character! that character is lance from voltron: legendary defender, the same character I took my name from and one i identify with heavily 😀 so i always keep it as a gif or photo of him so everything matches up nicely.”



“Right now my pfp is Mabel from Gravity Falls hugging a Skitty! I originally wanted a Mabel photo to match our October Gravity Falls theme, and then I found a photo on Google of her holding a black cat. So I photoshopped a Skitty on there instead because, obviously, Skitty is part of my username and my favorite Pokémon!”



“basically i was matching pfps with someone else but i love spongebob <3”

And that’s it for Part 1 of our Behind the PFP: Officer Edition! We hope you had fun getting to know our Officers more by reading about the stories behind the profile pictures you see so often in chat. Keep an eye out for Part 2, and keep fighting the good fight!




oh, to be a fluffy cow sitting in the meadow with a sunset backdrop 🌼🐄

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