Hey there Rebels! Welcome to our Behind the Signature Item series where Z3ming and I talk to RPF HCOM to ask about the backstories behind their signature items on Club Penguin! What are we waiting for? Let’s get right into it!


“My signature item would probably have to be The Bad Hair Day. It kind of resembles how my hair used to look in real life, and tbh, I still like how it looks on my penguin. So I’ve kind of let it become my signature head item over time.”


“Growing up I had really blonde hair so it became my favorite club penguin wig on the original game. I no longer have the same hair color as it darkened over time but I still like how it looks just as much. Also most cp wigs look good on the player card but bad on the penguin which doesn’t apply to this one so 😎.”


“My signature item has changed throughout the years. In my earlier days I had a Pink Pom Pom Toque phase paired with the Snow Stopper, but I’ve been wearing The Head-turner and regular Night Vision Goggles for quite some time now! I also enjoy wearing the Pink Backpack whenever we have uniform events outside of big tournaments.”


“I use the Rainbow Curls as my signature item and have done since I first realised signature items were a thing! I enjoy how bright and colourful it is and being able to refer to it as my gay hair :hehe: I got it during Pride Month 2021 on CPR and it just kind of felt like it fit my vibe, looked good when on my penguin in game and it was something I rarely saw other people in game use so I liked using it to stand out. When we moved to CPAB it was one of the first items I spawned in game for myself.”


“My signature item is The Wisp hair, I just love the way it looks and I also have brown hair irl that I like to wear wavy sometimes so I thought it matched me well. My hair is a much darker brown though. I also love the headband that goes across it, because it adds some texture to the hair that makes it look really good both on the player card and in-game!”

And that’s it for our Behind the Signature Item: HCOM Edition! We hope you had fun getting to know our HCOM more by reading about the stories behind the signature items you see them wearing in-game. Continue fighting the good fight, Rebels!


like what kind of girl do you take me for?

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