Hi everyone!πŸ‘‹ The club penguin news team is back with another cozy edition of the Better Igloos Catalogue for CPJourney! Check out all the latest secrets and items that this new catalogue has to offer!!

Page 1:

1.Β  Click the words Snow Fort for the Fireplace [900 coins]

2. Click the top right part of the snow lump for the Blender! [220 coins]

3. Click the top of the snow tower for the Potted Palm! [280 coins]!

4.Β  Click the top part of Snow fortress wall for the Coffee Maker [400 coins]!

Page 2:

1. Click on the right handle of the snow board for the Cabinet [350 coins]

2. Click on the ski handles for the Wood Cabinet [500 coins]

3. Click on the top part of the tree for the Potted Plant [250 coins]!

4. Click on the ice sculptors face for the sculpture knight [900 coins]!

Page 3:

1. Click the top part of the chandlier for Pizza Oven [850 coins]!

2. Click on the middle part of the table for the Dinner table [700 coins]!

3. Click on the plus on the chair cushion for the Dinner Chair [150 coins]!

4. Click on the middle of the window for the Flower Pot [175 coins]!

Page 4:

1. Click the chair arm for the Plush grey chair [560 coins]

2. Click on the Chess Knights head for the Boss Desk [700 coins]!

3. Click on the pendulum of the clock for the Curved Desk [500 coins]!Β 

4. Click on the Lamp Post head for the Evergreen Plant [240 coins]!

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Hope you enjoyed reading this guide and that it helped you find all the items you were looking for! If you would like to stay updated about all the latest secrets and cheats on CPJourney, be sure to join our Discord server!



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