Croeso Rebels! Club Penguin Journey have just released their September 2023 Penguin Style, and the Club Penguin News Team has been working hard to find all the secrets hidden within its pages! It’s a bumper issue so be sure to read on to find out what’s up for grabs!

~Page 1~

There are a total of 5 secrets

1) The Flower Headress

2) Binoculars

3) Green Wheeler

4) Stuffed Bunny

5) Golf Hat

~Page 2~

There are 5 secrets on this page

6) Pendant Necklace

7) Pink Cowgirl Hat

8) Magic Wand

9) Popcorn Tray

10) Blue Track Jacket

~Page 3~

There are a total of 5 secrets on this page

11) White Dress Shoes

12) Tiara

13) Red Shirt

14) Red Backpack

15) Cane

~Page 4~

This page has 5 secrets hidden!

16) Admiral Jacket

17) The Gretel

18) Grey Shovel

19) Blue Toque

20) Hawaiian Lei

~Page 5~

There is a total of 4 secrets on this page

21) Whistle

22) Mask

23) Red Mohawk

24) Cat Eye Sunglasses

~Page 6~

There are 4 secrets hidden on this page!

25) Astro Barrier T-Shirt

26) Cheesy Necktie

27) Blue Water Bottle

28) Dazzle Dress

~Page 7~

This page has 4 secrets

29) Pink Swimsuit

30) Icec Cream Cone

31) Purple Flower Sandals

32) Black Toque

~Page 8~

There are a total of 4 hidden secrets

33) The Snow Fall

34) Snow Rose Fan

35) The Side Swept

36) Snow Kimono

~Page 9~

This page has 3 hidden secrets

37) Snowstorm Gi

38) Cold Snap Sandals

39) Brown Leather Cuffs

~Page 10~

There are a total of 4 secrets

40) Pineapple Costume

41) Pink Duck

42) Blue Life Jacket

43) Onyx Wand

~Page 11~

This page hides 3 secrets

44) Curly Mustache

45) Ring Master Outfit

46) Ring Master Hat

~Page 12~

There is 3 secrets on this page

47) Viking Helmet

47a) Blue Viking Helmet (Click spot 4 times)

47b) Gold Viking Helmet (Click spot 6 times)

~Page 13~

There is 1 secret on this page

48) Sunset Background

We hope you enjoyed this edition’s secrets! If you want to keep up to date with all the Club Penguin Journey secrets and guides be sure to join the Discord server linked!

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