The CP News Team is happy to be back with yet another catalog guide for the November issues of both Better Igloos and the Igloo Upgrades Catalog. With the Club Penguin Legacy team hiding lots of ice cool housing items this month you don’t want to miss out!

~Page 1~

On Page 1, there are four hidden secrets.

Click the 1 on the Winners Podium to find the Penguin Ice Sculpture (850 coins).

Press the design on the Snowboard Rack to find the Snowy Tree (280 coins).

Click the right peg on the Ski Rack to find the Icicles (150 coins).

Press the snowboarding penguin statue on the Trophy Shelf to locate the Ice Table (350 coins).

~Page 2~

Page 2 of the Better Igloo Catalog hides three hidden items.

Press the top of the Snow Tower to find the Snow Couch (300 coins).

Click the bottom right of the Snow Arch to find the HD TV (1000 coins).

Press the top of the Sloped Wall to locate the Snow Deck Chair (400 coins).

~Page 3~

On Page 3, a total of four items can be found over five locations.

Both the letter ‘M’ of the Modern Couch and the ‘Ch’ of the Burgandy Chair name labels reveal the Burgundy Lamp (100 coins).

The front right leg of the Coffee Table hides the Coat Rack (200 coins).

The bottom left of the Burgundy Bookshelf has hidden the Easel (180 coins).

If you press the left chair of the Burgundy Couch you can locate the Burgundy Curtains (350 coins).

~Page 4~

Finally, Page 4 has a total of five hidden items.

By pressing the firewood on the Wood Stove, you can find the Designer Vase (50 coins).

The mop section of the Mop & Bucket reveals the Broom (30 coins).

The handle of the Vacuum hides the Cozy Fireplace (700 coins).

The base of the Ironing Board can reveal the Large Aquarium (450 coins).

By clicking the left pod on the Coffee Maker the Small Rock can be found (120 coins).

Moving on to the Igloo Upgrades Catalog, there was only one hidden item in this month’s edition.

~Page 1~

Press the window of the In Half Igloo to find the Split Level Snow Igloo (4600 coins).

That’s all for this month’s Igloo Catalogs! To keep up to date with the latest Club Penuin Legacy catalog secrets be sure to join our Discord as well as more cheats, pin guides, and tips.

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