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The Earth Day Party has begun on CPLegacy, and the Club Penguin News Team has got you covered in unearthing all the fantastic new items, catalogs, and quests to complete during this green party!

Free Items

How about we start with some goodies to collect during this party?

If you go to Town and click on the barrel, you can get a Safari Helmet!

You can also go to Mine Shack to buy the Green Hard Hat for 50 coins (sadly, not free…)!

If you harvest 3 crop batches at the Mine Shack, you can earn a Nurture Nature Pin as a reward.


Party Catalog

A new catalog always accompanies a new party onto the island. It can be accessed at the Snow Forts by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen, where you can buy an assortment of animal costumes!

Scavenger Hunt

A brand new scavenger hunt was also added to the party to collect trash around the island for a cool prize at the end. To access it, click on the recycling bin at the top right corner, and read the clues to find each trash piece scattered around the island.

Here is a list of the locations for each piece:

1. Start your hunt, and look closely where, you’ll find some beans and cozy chairs. Location: Coffee Shop

2. There’s a mess spilled out on the floor, where you hear a Black Puffle snore. Location: Puffle Shop

3. From this place, great waves can be seen, what you seek is near something green. Location: Cove

4. Use your map, and you’ll travel too far, garbage is found where ninja’s spar. Location: Dojo Courtyard

5. This trash is hidden, do not fail, to search nearby some penguin tales. Location: Bookroom

6. Find green space, and look all around, for this thing that fell on the ground. Location: Forest

7. Where there is a ski lift you will find, some trash that someone left behind. Location: Ski Village

8. One last thing, that must be found, by tracks that take you underground. Location: Mine Shack

After completing the scavenger hunt, click on the “Claim Prize” box to receive a Green Garden Shovel as a completion prize!

Party Quests

Let us not forget the best part of a CPL party… the party quests (cries)! Complete all 12 of them to receive a cool prize at the end!

Easy Quests are worth 50 coins!

Medium Quests are worth 100 coins!

Hard quests are worth 150 coins!

Extreme Quests are worth 350 coins!

1. Collect the Free Items: Collect both the Safari Helmet (Town) and Green Hard Hat (Mine Shack) to complete the quest.

2. Find the pin: Collect the Frog pin from the Forest.

3. Join 5 penguins for a frog symphony: Go to Forest, and stand along with 4 other penguins next to a frog to make them move and make noise to complete the quest.

4. Climb the tree: Go to the top of the tree in the Docks by clicking the top to complete this quest.

5. Dig up 5 plants:
– Go to the Mine Shack and throw snowballs to water plants to grow, and harvest the first batch.
– After the first harvest, dig the ground for 3 seconds using the shovel near the plants that sprout to dig up plants, all while continuing throwing snowballs to water them. Do this for 5 plants.
– If the plants wither, dig them up and begin watering again.

6. Create 6 recycled items: Go to the Recycling Center and throw snowballs into the machine to create recycled items. Keep doing it until 6 items are made.

7. Water the Flowers: Wear the Water Suit 3000 (400 coins in the Gift Shop Catalog) and water the flowers at the Beach. The quest will be completed once all the flowers in the box and around it bloom.

8. Complete 40 crops: Go to Mine Shack and throw snowballs to water and harvest 2 times. To complete this, you have to first water and harvest the first batch. After the first harvest, dig out the plants using a shovel one by one while watering them to harvest the second batch.

9. Join 15 animals in the Snow Forts: Wear an animal costume from the party catalog along with 15 other penguins in Snow Forts.

10. Complete the Recycle Hunt: Complete the Scavenger hunt.

11. Drill with 20 penguins: Wear the Green Hard Hat and drill with 20 other penguins at the Mine Shack to complete this quest.

12. Meet Rockhopper: Be in the same room as Rockhopper to complete this quest. (We have a Mascot Tracker in our Discord server here!)

After completing all the quests, you can get the Puffle Tree House!

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And that is all for now folks! We hope this guide has helped you navigate across this earthy plane and dig up all the secrets this party has. If you’d like to keep up to date with the latest news about CPLegacy, consider joining our Discord server right here!

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