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The Fashion Festival has arrived on CPL, and the Club Penguin News Team has got you covered with all the wonderful new items, catalogs and quests to complete during the fun new party!

Collectable Stamps:

Some collectible stamps available to get at the fashion festival are Explorer, Happy Room, and Party Maestro! In order to get the explorer stamp you will need to visit each party room! Happy room requires you to press E + 2 to smile with 10 other penguins! Party Maestro can be completed by finishing all party quests! 

Fashion Contest:

This is the most important part of the party!! There will be seven themes: Beach, Fancy, Futuristic, Rainbow, silly and spooky! These themes will swap out every other day! Here are the dates for these themes:

Fantasy, located at forest (June 3-5)

Futuristic, located at plaza (June 5-7)

Spooky, located at the cove (June 7-9)

Silly, located at snow forts (June 9-1)

Beach theme at the beach (June 11-13)

Rainbow, located at the ski village (June 13-15)

And Fancy, located at the docks (June 15-17)

Free Items:

There are two free items to collect during this party! 

Boiler barry hat and background located in the boiler room! Click the catalog in the right corner to find these items!

Video Camera located in Town! Click the box in front of the gift shop to collect this item!

Party Quests 

Lets not forget the best party of CPL parties… the party quests! Complete all 16 of the quests to receive a very sick prize! 

Easy Quests are worth 50 coins!

Medium Quests are worth 100 coins!

Hard quests are worth 150 coins!

Extreme Quests are worth 350 coins!

  1. Collect the free item! Collect the free video camera from town to get this quest!

2. Change outfit at submit booth: This quest can only be completed in the room that the theme is based off of! For example the theme is futuristic so you would go to the submit booth at the plaza! 

3. Find the Pin: Collect the camera pin from the cove!

4. Travel through the portal: Go to plaza and click the pink circle to go through the portal and complete this quest!

5. Swim in the spooky lake: Go to the cove and sit in the water!

6. Submit an outfit: You will need to create an outfit! In order to complete this use one of the booths and click submit on the screen that pops up! You must have one ticket to submit! You can also use items from your inventory! Note: You can only submit once and theme changes every few days. 

7. Vote 10 times: For this quest you will need to vote for an submitted outfit! To vote just click the Vote button under whichever outfit you like most, you will be given two options! Repeat 9 more times to get quest!

8. Buy an item with tickets: For this quest you will need to head to town and click the clothing hanger in the top right corner! You will only need to buy one item to complete this quest! If you don’t have enough tickets you can earn one ticket by voting one time! 

9. Form a jazz band: This quest needs five people! You can go to either the Coffee Shop or pizza parlor to complete this quest and you will need at least six different instruments! Acoustic Guitar, Bass guitar, electric guitar, drums/percussion, horns and maracas! Once you have all six instruments the quest should complete!!

10. Eat 3 slices of pizza: Go to the pizza parlor! There are three tables with two plates! Click on the plate to make pizza appear and click again to eat the slice! Now do this two more times and you should get the quest!

11. Have a paint fight with 10 penguins: Head to the snow forts! Throw some snowballs at the forts (click T on ur keyboard or snowball button)! Do this with 9 other penguins to complete the quest! 

12. Photograph every themed room: Wear only the camera! go to Ski village, beach, dock, snow forts, plaza, forest, and cove! Hit ‘W’ to take a picture and complete the quest!

13. Buy all items from a single catalog: This quest is wanting you to buy all the items from the catalogs located in ski village, beach, docks, snow forts, plaza, forest and cove! make sure to buy everything that is in the catalog! NOTE: Make sure you have plenty of coins for this quest!

14. Visit every decorated room: Head to Ski hill, ski village, ski lodge, beach, lighthouse, beacon, dock, town, coffee shop, book room, dance club, boiler room, cave, gift shop, stadium, snow forts, lakeside, plaza, pet shop, pizza parlor, forest, cove, mine shack, recycling center, iceberg and dojo courtyard! Note: You can use a map or teleport with a spy phone to complete this quest! This must be completed in one log in session! 

15. Film with 30 penguins: Grab your video camera (free item from town)! Click W to use the video camera and make sure to be in a room with 29 other penguins with video cameras! Can be done when dot visits! This task can be completed in town!

16. Meet Dot: Be in the same room as Dot and get her background in order to get this quest!

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After completing all the quests you will receive a amazing prize! Congrats on completing the quests!!

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That’s all for now folks! Hopefully this guide helped you figure out this super fabulous party! If you would like to keep up to date on all things Club Penguin Legacy make sure to join our server here!

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